December 30, 2016

Our 2017 Business Plan

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Every year we set aside some time and continue to develop our life and business plan as a way for us to accomplish the things we love to do. Moving forward into the New Year we have outlined all of the customer specific goals we intend on accomplishing that we wanted to share:


  • Improved Customer Engagement
  • Comprehensive Security Plan
  • Comprehensive Cloud Plan
  • Adding Additional Technical Resources

Improved Customer Engagement:

Our team will be improving several processes that will help us communicate more efficiently. For example, during our monthly onsite visits we are going to recommend we spend at least 15 minutes with our point of contact to go over our ‘to-do’ list plan which will outline our top priorities, monthly maintenance, recommendations, and our new service offerings. Our goal is to also learn about important information such as new hires, our customer’s goals, any new future transitions that may occur, new productivity software, how we can improve, and perhaps help with any new technology advice. Ultimately, our goal is to avoid being the last to know about any business related decisions that involve or impact the I.T. department.

Additionally, we will be creating a training guide for our point of contacts that can be accessed anytime and will schedule a 1 to 2 hour training session with them during the 1stquarter of 2017 to re-emphasize all the things Digux performs for our customers day to day and learn what our point of contact feels is important to them so they can better utilize Digux for help.

Lastly, we will be sending out a quarterly/bi-annual questionnaire to our customer’s (The business owners and point of contact) so we can learn more about how they view strategy, budgeting, and technical alignment related to their business and how this involves the I.T. department so we can formulate a better business relationship vs. technical relationship. Our mission is to help our customer’s succeed in business and consistently evaluating these specific needs is an important process for us.

Comprehensive Security Plan:

Our team will be developing a comprehensive security plan that we will be sharing with our customers and interacting with to help better improve the defense and security posture and to try and minimize active threats. Our goal is to educate everyone about what security mechanisms exist, why, and how much they cost and if they make sense for the business. For example, we have a long list of recommendations such as educating employees about phishing scams, web-site forgery, email viruses, etc. Educating everyone about security technologies and why they are important such as log aggregation, vulnerability assessment tools, web content filtering, managed antivirus and antimalware, unified threat management, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevent systems, data loss prevention, anti-spam filtering, password policies, automated updates, securing mobile devices, regular backups, securing home office networks, surveillance, secure WiFi, physical control of assets, etc. There is a very long list of measures to take and we want to make sure we cover all of them.

The Internet has become a breeding ground for criminals who try and disrupt business and potentially steal information that is confidential. Our goal is to explain the risks and give our customers the opportunity to learn more about them and potentially do something about it to protect themselves before it’s too late.

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Comprehensive Cloud Plan:

Similar to our security plan we will be developing a cloud plan to help our customer’s better understand what is possible and if it makes sense to move certain resources from on-premise servers or systems into a cloud solution. For example, we will develop assessments to see if it makes sense to migrate email to Office 365, data such as files/folders into Box or another online data repository, servers, firewalls, software, etc. Often times cloud transitions are ideal when equipment gets old or when a business wants to rapidly deploy solutions for their employees. However, it’s always a good idea to pilot test changes with point of contacts prior to full on implementation and we can help with that. This is important so we can validate the new cloud systems keep people as productive similar to the old systems and not end up inadvertently taking everyone a step backwards.

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Adding Additional Technical Resources:

In 2016 one of the goals we accomplished that we are extremely happy about was hiring new technical resources. We found Stacey and Caben who aligned perfectly with our culture and who followed through with making a commitment to hard work, clear/concise communication, and who held themselves accountable in performing the job role. This year we share the same goal and that is to add more resources to help us grow and help our existing customer base have an awesome I.T. department.


Similar to all businesses we have many other goals in sales, marketing, business development, research and development and are very excited with what the future holds for us. Thank you for your time today learning more about our 2017 customer related business plan. To request more information about building a hybrid approach please feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks again for being a loyal reader of our Predictably Better newsletter. We’ll be back next month!

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