Digux is helping a local company based out of Seattle spread the word about its awesome new product named the Outsider device to the community.

The Outsider is a weatherproof, wearable Bluetooth remote you can use to walkie-talkie with your group, easily control your music and calls, and send an SoS if you need help – all without taking off your gloves!

If you have many pictures or documents saved in OneDrive then you may be experiencing this problem. If you want to know how to fix OneDrive from loading slowing in Windows 10 then keep reading. We have put together a simple process to speed up access to the data in OneDrive while using the File Explorer in Windows 10:

Sending sensitives files to family, friends, colleagues, vendors, or customers using email without some level of encryption is insecure and can lead to undesirable results. Our goal today is to outline several simple steps to password protect your files and then send them to your recipient securely. The tools needed in our tutorial are free and will add some additional peace of mind to your process. The technology we will be using is WinRAR and Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud service. We are also performing these steps using the Windows 10 operating system.

Catch up on our prior year goals and what we accomplished here:

Our 2016 Business Plan
Our 2015 Business Plan

Every year we set aside some time and continue to develop our life and business plan as a way for us to accomplish the things we love to do. Moving forward into the New Year we have outlined all of the customer specific goals we intend on accomplishing that we wanted to share:

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