Communication SLA

Attentus Technologies seeks to clarify expectations whenever possible. We have written up this document to work as a guideline and, if followed, allows the appropriate times to deliver the high quality outcomes expected by our clientelle.

Please take a moment to read through the Service Level Agreements for each type of request. We realize emergencies happen so will always endeavor to meet the needs as they arise.

Emergency After-Hours Support:
Emergency after-hours support is any active support performed from 6pm to 7am Monday-Sunday and Holidays. Emergency After-Hours support is 100% billable at the rate of $225.00 per hour. Only authorized approvers can request emergency after-hours support.  When requesting emergency after-hours support please leave a voicemail at 253-218-6015 option 2.  A trouble ticket will be generated by the system and a technician will contact you as soon as possible.  Please include relevant information pertaining to the issue and clearly state that you are requesting emergency after-hours support. Emergency after-hours support requests not made by an authorized approver will be triaged the next business day.

Onsite Service Requests:
Onsite service requests that are not considered an emergency should be communicated to Attentus in advance giving us 1-2 days prior notice.

Network Administrator Communication:
While our Network Administrator is visiting onsite their primary responsibility is to focus on auditing and performing maintenance to your environment. It may be tempting to ask them to solve a quick problem. Instead, please submit your general request to our help desk team and they will loop in our Net Admin if they are needed to assist in solving the issue.

Our Network Administrators send a completed maintenance and audit report after each monthly or quarterly review. Please reply to their questions within 1 week to make sure they are resolved in a timely manner.

vCIO Communication:
If an environmental change occurs to your technology in any way, even if it’s for something not managed by Attentus, please communicate this to us in advance. For example, if you decide to utilize a new line of business applications, transition Internet providers, buy new equipment on your own for example, we still want to be in the loop. Communication is key to understanding expectations. We need to document this change in our systems. Adding information about the new vendor, adding maintenance or expiration details along with other critical system information.

If a conflict or issue occurs with a ticket or project around performance or deadlines, please notify your vCIO.

Move Add Change Requests:

  • Attentus requires 1 week to complete complex MAC requests.
  • Attentus requires 2-3 weeks to complete complex MAC requests requiring new equipment due to current supply chain difficulties.
  • Please provide a specific due date at the time of your request when asking for a simple MAC such as a new employee mailbox setup.
  • Requests without a due date will be completed within 5 business days.

Move Add Change (MAC) Types:

  • Simple MAC Non-emergent requests that take LESS than 1 hour.
  • New employee email setup
  • Installation of new app on a single existing station

Complex MAC Non-emergent requests that take MORE than 1 hour.

  • New computer setup
  • Move existing user(s) to another workstation
  • Printer installation on multiple workstations
  • Physical move of a workstation to another area

Procurement Requests:
Utilizing Attentus to buy equipment should be acted upon quickly to ensure pricing and product availability. If you receive a quote from Attentus, time is of the essence as supply chain issues are demanding approval on the same day in most cases.

  • Windows PC computers and Apple computers typically take 5-8 business days to be received by Attentus.
  • Computer hardware takes about 2-5 business days to arrive at Attentus
  • Workstation computers may take 15 business days or more to be received by Attentus, when requiring custom hardware such as graphic cards, memory, and processors.
  • Managed Switches and Routers typically take up to 3 months or more to be received by Attentus.
  • VOIP phones may also take 2-3 months before being received at Attentus.
  • Server orders require 6 weeks to arrive at Attentus.

Policy Requests:
Requests for assistance completing questionnaires or forms from vendors should be communicated 2-3 days in advance for completion.

Project Requests:
Attentus will always try to execute as quickly as possible on project requests and execution.
Please express the urgency of the project and desired timeline to your vCIO when requesting project work.
Requests for projects are subject to the following:
Timely acceptance and processing of your project request
Product procurement
Current project team load
End user / customer interaction scheduling and cooperation

General Requests:
You can submit a trouble ticket request to Attentus by using our website, via e-mail, or by phone. Let us know your issue, including helpful information such as error messages, strange noises, etc. so we can properly categorize your ticket. We will also prioritize your ticket based on severity.

Business Hours: Monday – Friday 7 am – 6 pm PST
Website: https://www.attentus.tech/it-consultant-contact/support-center
Email: help@attentus.tech
Phone: (253) 218-6015 ext. 2

Note: Leave us a Voicemail; this will transcribe your request and create a trouble ticket.
Attentus Technologies currently recognizes 3 levels of severity for all trouble tickets. When submitting a ticket, share the impact of your issue for proper priority setting.

Our ticket priorities are as follows:
• Critical: Business is currently unable to operate without resolution.
• Medium Priority: Current business services are degraded but do not require immediate attention.
• Low Priority: Can be scheduled at convenience.

Attentus Technologies will always make every effort to resolve any issues as soon as they become known during our regular business hours. Service is first come first served with a minimum service level as defined below.

Priority Response/Escalation Plan Resolution
Critical 1 Hour 4 Hours 1 Business Day
Medium 4 Hours 8 Hours 2 Business Days
Low 4 Hours 24 Hours 5 Business Days

• Critical issues: By phone or email within 1 hour. Depending on the nature of the issue and the parts needed we will make all reasonable efforts to resolve the issue immediately. If this is not possible due to other constraints a resolution plan will be developed within 4 hours with the goal of completely resolving the issue within 1 day.
• Medium Priority: By phone or Email within 4 hours. If not a resolvable issue, a plan will be developed in 8 hours with the effort to resolve the issue in less than 2 days.
• Low Priority: By phone or email within 4 hours. If not immediately resolvable, a resolution plan will be created within 24 hours and the issue will be resolved within 5 days.