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Attentus Technologies is a leading provider of IT services in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Our Values Make us Attentive to:

Our Values

Build Trusted Relationships

Build Trusted Relationships

Trust is essential for any relationship. At Attentus you can trust that we will keep our word and quickly seek to correct any issues that arise.

Deliver Exceptional Results

Deliver Exceptional Results

We believe in the saying, “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well.” We take the time to see things from our client's perspective, which allows us to make every interaction, project, or partnership the best it can be.

Seek Constant Improvement

Seek Constant Improvement

Perfection might be impossible, but we walk the path of excellence. This takes constant self-examination – being honest about our performance for clients, partners, and team members.

Be the Answer

Be the Answer

We own the problem and hold ourselves accountable. Accountability means there’s no finger-pointing or blame-shifting. We take ownership every time and partner with all stakeholders to find the best solution

Be Easy to Work With

Be Easy to Work With

We’re flexible, and we break down knowledge barriers to your IT decision-making. IT solutions are complex, but clear and concise communication from the start allows us to build a relationship and a workable business solution.

Have Fun

Have Fun

We love to laugh, and we believe people should enjoy what they do and where they do it. So, we foster an environment that encourages people to laugh both at themselves and with each other.

Why Choose Attentus?

Attentus services small to mid-sized organizations that can’t risk downtime and are willing to invest in the I.T. leadership and support required to deliver on their promises.

Our Clients

Brands that Choose Attentus as their Favorite.

What Attentus Technologies Has to Offer

IT Management

Improve business productivity by letting us keep your network running smoothly and proactively prevent potential issues.

IT Support Services

Experience swift, effective IT support with 20 minute response times and intelligent, straightforward answers.

IT Helpdesk Support

Get fast, friendly help from our 24/7 IT helpdesk that provides actionable answers that empower your team to excel.

Cybersecurity Services

Stay protected with our up-to-date cybersecurity services that actively guard against evolving threats

IT Network Support

Achieve seamless connectivity and minimal downtime with network experts monitoring your system 24/7 to proactively prevent problems.

Outsourced IT Services

Leverage our expertise and save on overhead costs with outsourced IT services that enhance your team's productivity and fuel your business growth.

Cloud Solutions

Simplify your cloud environments by letting us transform complex cloud systems into easy-to-manage, efficient data centers.

IT Consulting Services

Maximize your IT investment with experienced consultants who provide insights into how you can achieve more for less.

VoIP Services

Ensure reliable, cost-effective communication with efficient VoIP solutions that reduce miscommunication and boost productivity.


Hear Why Attentus Is a Stand-Out IT Services Company

We’re confident that we’ll provide the streamlined IT experience that you need, but don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our happy clients.
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Advanced IT Services From Attentus

Project Management
vCIO Services
Data Backups & Disaster Recovery
Engineering & IT Procurement Scoping
Hardware Upgrades

Make Your Project Management…Mangeable

IT projects get complicated fast, and you don’t have time to keep watch while you navigate other areas of your business.

With Attentus’ dynamic project team, you'll have expert hands guiding every IT project. Our knowledge, combined with a dedication to real results, mean that even the biggest projects are handled with ease.

The Attentus Design Desk meets twice a week so we can offer top-tier project scoping, budgeting, and tailored IT design services. This ensures that every project plan fits your needs like a glove.

Streamline Your Tech Environment for Optimal Business Growth

If you’re dealing with a complex IT environment, it can eat up a lot of your work hours. Unless you made an effort to collaborate with your IT leaders, that needlessly complicated system might not match your business goals.

Trust Attentus’ expert vCIOs to spot useless equipment, suggest necessary improvements, and prepare you for future growth.

Through regular communication and strong relationship-building, our vCIOs stay on top of your evolving needs. So you’ll never have to worry about an IT silo again.

Safeguard Your Data in The Face of Disaster

Significant data loss causes significant business continuity. If you’re storing all your precious information in one place, you’re leaving yourself at risk of losing it all.

Maintain the integrity of your data no matter what happens by trusting Attentus to back it up in multiple locations, on or off site.

We’ll also prepare you for the worst case scenario with our disaster recovery solution. We’ll come up with an emergency plan that helps you restore as much as you can as quickly as possible.

Chart Your IT Growth with Confidence

Modernizing your IT infrastructure can be complex and pricey. Technologies are always changing, and surprise hidden costs can suddenly appear after you pick your solution.

With Attentus, you can confidently map out procurement projects without worrying about surprise hidden costs.

We'll guide you through the intricate steps to replace outdated hardware or software, all while ensuring our choices align with your business growth plans.

Upgrade Your IT Hardware Effortlessly

Navigating hardware upgrades can be tricky. It's easy to fall behind or make costly missteps. The resulting expenses can quickly derail your original plan.

Let Attentus provide strategic guidance to help you avoid this situation. We’ll assess your current setup, pinpoint necessary hardware upgrades, and integrate these into your upgrade plan.

Enjoy transparent, well-planned upgrade projects with us managing the complexities, ensuring data protection, and minimizing disruptions.

How We’re Different:

As the name implies, Attentus is hyper-focused on our customers and the changes they face with potential downtime, security vulnerabilities, data breaches, automation, and inefficient outdated I.T. infrastructure.
Managed IT Services

Outsourced IT Support That Prioritizes Your Productivity

IT glitches sap your productivity and waiting on support saps even more. You need fast answers, fast results, and fewer support calls to regain those lost hours.

The Attentus support team wants you to achieve peak productivity. Our average response time is 20 minutes and average resolution time 15.

However, our goal is to reduce your support ticket volume to 1 per every 4 devices per month. So, every time you call we’re focused on delivering a solution that not only fixes your issue, but stops it from happening again.

Total Transparency & Accountability

At Attentus, your goals are our goals. So, we want nothing but full transparency and accountability when it comes to our performance.

For this reason, we’re incredibly open to your feedback. In fact, you can speak to our leadership team directly to ensure your voice is heard.

Our vCIOs will also meet with you on a regular schedule just to make sure everything is going well. We wiil review our work:

  • Daily: to ensure that anyone who called support received high-quality service.
  • Monthly: to ask what we’re doing well and what we can do better.
  • Quarterly: to ensure their overall IT performance is providing an excellent ROI.
Managed Services Provider
IT Company Seattle

Stop Paying For IT Services You Don’t Need

Subscription services have a bad habit of overcharging for extra features that you don’t use. This leads to wasted money and wasted space on your hard drive.

Don’t worry about that when you partner with Attentus. We offer a wide range of flexible managed service packages, so you can pick and choose exactly what you need.

Get more bang for every buck and optimize every byte on your IT system by cherry-picking only the best features and services for you.

Expect More From Your Managed Services Provider

Don’t settle for IT salespeople who deliver suboptimal solutions. Choose a provider that puts customer service first.

Our Valued Partners

We’re Serious About Your Education

Stay a step ahead of your competitors by leveraging our expert insights.


Attentus FAQ

How Much Does it Cost to Partner With Attentus?

Because we’re dedicated to offering our clients optimal flexibility in our service packages, our costs vary. However, we can promise you that you will get a predictable monthly flat rate that’s easy to proactively work into your budget.

The cost of our services vary based on:

  • Company size
  • Number of end users
  • Network complexity
  • What we need to do to help you

Please request a quote to get your estimate.

How Long Does The Onboarding Process Take?

The length of your onboarding process can vary based on the size and complexity of your IT network. However, on average the process takes somewhere between 7 to 12 weeks.

The process goes through the following steps:

  1. Initial Assessment
  2. Planning and Design
  3. Implementation and System Migration
  4. Testing and Optimization
  5. Training and Support

Please note that there is a small onboarding fee to get started. However, your initial consultation is free.

Does Attentus Support Both PC and Mac?

Attentus Technologies provides support across multiple operating systems. Not only do we do PC and Mac, we do Linux too!

This support extends to desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and smart devices. Essentially, any endpoint in your network will get the attention it needs no matter the operating system.

We’re happy to work with networks that have all of the above connected too.

Can You Help Me With My Personal Devices?

Our services are strictly for business usage. We do not work with personal IT problems. The only time we look at personal devices is in BYOD cases where a personal device is part of a business network.

In this case, it’s important for us to maintain the security of the whole business network by optimizing the BYOD device. Like company-issued devices, this encompasses desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Can I Just Get Your IT Procurement Services?

Although we do offer engineering and IT procurement services at no additional cost, this deal is only available to our managed services clients.

If you want to take advantage of our IT procurement services, you will have to choose one of our flexible packages.

The good news is, we offer a variety of service models so you are likely to find one that will fit your needs.

Attentus Technologies

Managed IT Services in Seattle

1700 Westlake Ave N 200 unit 2, Seattle, WA 98109

Request a Quote: (855) 965-3231

Managed IT Services in Seattle

1700 Westlake Ave N 200 unit 2, Seattle, WA 98109

Request a Quote: (855) 965-3231

Managed IT Services in Renton

1201 Monster Rd SW # 430, Renton, WA 98057, United States

Request a Quote: (855) 965-3231

Managed IT Services in Tacoma

748 Market St #159, Tacoma, WA 98402, United States

Request a Quote: (855) 965-3231

Start Your Simpler Managed Service Journey

Information technology is meant to make your job easier, if it’s not, it’s time to change that.

Why contact Attentus Technologies for managed IT?

  • Work with approachable technicians who will make you feel confident in your technology.
  • Reduce your support ticket volume to 1 per every 4 devices per month.
  • Save time on IT issues thanks to our 24/7 preventative maintenance.
  • Hear from our helpdesk within 20 minutes and get a solution in about 15.
  • Easily upgrade your IT infrastructure with the latest technology at no additional cost.

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