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NIST SP 800-Series

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a unit of the Commerce Department, maintains a series of publications (Special Publication 800 Series) that describe the United States federal government computer security policies, procedures, and guidelines. Attentus Technology's remote monitoring, management, and cybersecurity solutions are built upon the NIST SP 800 series foundation of standards and procedures, allowing us to minimize risk with a proven process.

Our NIST 800 Series solutions include:

  • Remote logging, monitoring, and auditing
  • Security patch management
  • Endpoint security and malware protection
  • Email security and anti-phishing
  • Internet security and DNS protection
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (IDS/IPS)
  • Cybersecurity awareness training

Highly Available and Redundant Systems

Governments have a range of services they provide, requiring 100% uptime on their technology solutions.

They host services that enable customers to pay bills, apply for licenses, pay taxes, apply for permits, and so on.

To accomplish this requirement they need an experienced partner that can engineer and implement solutions that take advantage of modern technology to provide Highly Available and Redundant infrastructure.

Attentus Technologies has a team of engineers who have successfully engineered and implemented a number of these systems.

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