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Don’t rely on the old break-fix approach to keep everything up and running. Get IT professionals who stop it from going down.

Information Technology Should Make Your Work Easier

So, what should you do if it’s not? Trust our Bellevue managed services team to enhance the way you use IT.

Why choose Attentus Technologies for managed IT services ?

  • Get an answer from IT support within 20 minutes and resolve your issue in about 15
  • Pay only for what you need, not for what you don’t with customizable service options
  • Reduce your support ticket volume to about 1 per every 4 computers per month
  • See what 2 decades of IT experience can bring to the table at your organization
  • Swiftly return to normal after an incident with efficient disaster recovery services

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Our Reliable Services

IT Management

Let the professionals take daily IT management tasks off your plate so you can focus on more exciting projects.

Technical Support

Get the support you need in a language that you understand so you can get back to work faster.

Security Services

Stay ahead of constantly evolving cybercrime with IT experts who know how to combat emerging threats.

IT Consulting

Navigate the world of IT with help from strategic technology partners who truly care about your success.

Cloud Services

Enhance your cloud computing processes or start your migration on the right foot with expert assistance.

Network Monitoring

Keep watch over your network 24/7 so we can immediately respond to any suspicious activity.

No Added Cost Procurement

If you need IT procurement assistance, we’ll add that at no additional cost with any managed services package!

Disaster Recovery

Don’t be caught off-guard if disaster strikes, be ready for anything with a tailored disaster recovery plan perfect for your needs.

VoIP Solutions

Simplify your internal communications and promote collaboration with a more modern telephone option.

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Why You Know You Can Trust Attentus

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What Happens When You Choose Attentus?

Managed IT Services in Bellevue

Customizable Solutions at a Reasonable Cost

Whether you have 10 seats or 200, Attentus has the right service package for you. We want every client to get the most bang for their buck, so we’ll let you choose what you want so you don’t have to pay for unused services.

You can choose how in-depth your support is and any selection of managed services options. Instead of chunked tiers, we let you pick and choose exactly what you need to keep your business ticking.

Turn Down The Ticket Volume

Having reliable IT support is important, but isn’t it a bit suspicious if they encourage you to call? What’s driving them to truly solve your problems if they make money off of the amount of time you spend with support?

At Attentus, we pride ourselves on our friendly support staff, but if you don’t need them, we’re doing our job.

Our goal is to turn down your ticket volume. That means every time you call us, we do more than solve the problem. We look for ways to prevent the issue from ever coming back.

Bellevue Managed IT Service Provider
Bellevue managed services

Unparalleled Quality Care

You deserve nothing less than the best and we’re obsessed with making sure you get exactly that. For this reason, we give our clients direct communication access to our leadership team.

This way, everyone who works with you will be held accountable to the highest standards from our leadership. It’s also our way of giving you confidence that your concerns are being heard all the way to the top.

True Accountability

We don’t just hold ourselves accountable to leadership, we hold ourselves accountable to you. We want to be absolutely certain that you’re just as satisfied with us on day 100 as you were on day 1.

We do this by conducting our regular service reviews:

  • Daily: we review our helpdesk reports to ensure that anyone who called received high-quality service.
  • Monthly: an admin meets with you to ask what we’re doing well and what we can do better.
  • Quarterly: vCIOs meet with clients to ensure their overall IT performance is providing an excellent ROI.
managed services in Bellevue

Don’t Just Reduce Time Spent Waiting For Support

Reduce how often you need to call support.



Why Do I Need Your Help When I Already Have an IT Department?

A lot of business owners use both. There’s a good reason for this practice. Managed IT service providers bring in a fresh perspective to help your team improve their work.

It’s also a great way to give your employees more time in the day. This prevents burnout and gives them space to work on new exciting projects.

How Does a Service Level Agreement (SLA) Work?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between an IT service provider and a customer.

Here’s how it works:

  • The provider promises to deliver a certain level of service.
  • The SLA outlines the details, like quality, availability, and responsibilities.
  • The service provider faces penalties if they fail to deliver on the SLA’s promises.
  • Both parties can renegotiate the SLA if needed.

This agreement helps maintain service quality and your satisfaction.

What’s the Difference Between a Company Offering Managed IT Services & IT Outsourcing?

Managed IT is an outsourced IT service, but IT outsourcing isn’t limited to managed IT services.

IT outsourcing refers to any time a business hires a third-party to help with an IT issue. This could be a one-time engagement.

Comparatively, managed services are always a long-term partnership where a third-party takes over certain daily IT tasks.

How is Managed IT Support Different Than Traditional IT Support?

Managed IT support is different because it adopts a proactive model, unlike traditional IT support which is reactive.

Basically, managed IT support services continuously monitor your systems, identify potential issues, and resolve them before they can cause significant disruption. Whereas, traditional IT support waits for problems to occur before fixing them.

How Does Managed IT Promote Business Continuity?

Managed IT services promote business continuity by actively preventing IT disruptions. They do this with 24/7 monitoring and proactive IT maintenance measures.

This proactive approach ensures your business operations run smoothly without unexpected downtime.

Having these measures in place also expedites the amount of time it takes to recover if something does happen.

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