Take the Cyber Security Planning Journey With Us

The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving, and unfortunately, hackers know how to navigate it. Bad actors devise sophisticated methods of wreaking havoc on businesses’ IT infrastructure… and they do it routinely.

To stay protected, you must take a vigilant and proactive approach.

We’re here to help. We’ll create a security game plan built around your business’s unique needs using cutting-edge strategies to stop hackers in their tracks. Come along with us on the cyber security planning journey!

What is the Center for Internet Security (CIS)?

First, allow us to introduce you to one of the most critical players on the cyber security journey: the Center for Internet Security (CIS). 

As an independent nonprofit dedicated to making the connected world safer for people, businesses and governments, CIS has created a framework that provides best practices, standards and competencies for securing IT systems and their data.

A nonprofit with a mission to make the digital world safer, CIS has created a framework that provides best practices, standards and competencies for protecting IT systems and their data.

This framework is comprehensive, with an exhaustive set of 18 controls and 153 safeguards. Whether you’re concerned about malware, ransomware or online phishing scams, you will be covered by sticking to the CIS framework.

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Why is this framework necessary?

Imagine this scenario: Your employee receives an email that appears to come from someone in a different department within your organization. They find it a little suspicious — the message is vague and prompts them to click a link to open a document they weren’t expecting — but it appears to be legitimate enough. They decide it must be safe.

They click the link, which directs them to an unsecured site. Now, your employee’s login credentials are exposed to hackers.

They have fallen victim to one of the most common online threats: a phishing scam. Now, your business’s valuable data is compromised.

The CIS framework can help your business avoid this scenario — and any other IT security breach incident you may encounter — through its series of controls and safeguards. For instance, security awareness and skills training educate your employees on the tell-tale signs of threatening emails, so nothing like this ever happens to your business.

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How will Attentus help you avoid a security breach?

Our journey will begin with a check-up on the level of your IT infrastructure’s security. In Q1 of 2022, our network administrators and vCIOs will conduct a CIS IG1 assessment to gain insights into any potential risks.

Next, in collaboration with your team, we’ll use our findings to develop a remediation plan to shore up any weak spots.

After charting your individualized incident response plan (IRP), our vCIOs will verify that your Cyber Liability Insurance is adequate. If they determine that your insurance is not up to par, we’ll identify the technology required to ensure your policy is not denied.

With support from Attentus, your business can better navigate hacker-infested waters.

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Last but not least

Don’t forget that Attentus will also get your business prepared for the following compliance audits and self assessments: HIPPA, CMMC, NIST 800, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, GDPR Data Protection, ISO 27001, and SSPA.

Whether you’re already well into your journey or just taking your first steps, schedule a call with us today!