Vulnerabilities, Detection and Response, Oh My!

Consider your Attentus vCIOs your own personal good witches, leading you to the emerald city of cyber security.

You already understand the importance of maintaining proper Cyber Liability Insurance for your business. These crucial insurance policies help prevent wicked witches (ahem… hackers) from accessing your precious data.


We’ve also covered the standard requirements that insurance companies demand from your IT department  —  including multi-factor authentication and a sufficient spam filter — to ensure you’re covered in the face of any tornado (or data breach).

Now, our vCIOs are here to lead you through the next step on the journey to cyber security: Vulnerability Management and Managed Detection & Response Technologies.


What is Vulnerability Management and Managed Detection & Response Technologies?

Simply put, vulnerability management is the process of discovering all the risks and weaknesses within an IT system. Once your team knows where its system is exposed, this information is used to help your business make decisions about remediation and security going forward to meet either industry standards or those insurance company requirements we keep mentioning (they’re important).

Managed Detection & Response technologies are the applications that can hunt down threats to your business IT.  Think of these applications as the winged monkeys the Wicked Witch of the West uses to track Dorothy, but in this scenario, the monkeys are the good guys working for you.


These threat hunters are important because — surprise — they are often required by cyber security insurance providers and industry compliance audits.

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Quick history lesson

Look inside our crystal ball to discover the history behind vulnerability management.

Crystal ball

The concept of vulnerability management has been around since the 1990s, but initially, the products were clunky and the processes were mostly manual. Fortunately, the field has evolved to create products like CyberCNS, which can help businesses discover, optimize and secure their networks using automation.

Dig deeper: CyberCNS

How Attentus keeps your business IT safe

Lucky for you, the good witches (our vCIOs) have deployed CyberCNS to all of our clients’ IT environments as part of the Vulnerability Management Discovery process.

Our vCIOs will be evaluating all of your business’s operating systems, network devices and IOT devices to mitigate any risks. There AttentusMayPosts 1 be lions, tigers and bears (weak spots) lurking around the corner, but our team has a plan. They will review the reports generated by CyberCNS with you, guiding your team on how to optimize your network’s security.

Attentus has partnered with BlackPoint Cyber, the industry gold standard when it comes to managed detection & response services, to act as the men (and women) behind the curtain.

Man behind curtain

The service includes a 24/7 SOC with dedicated threat-hunters. These hunters respond to threats in real time, which has become necessary as a baseline for any IT security network. These logs are also correlated into usable data to help address alignment with CIS and NIST compliance as an example improving overall accuracy and improving efficiencies.

There’s no place like Attentus

Traveling down the yellow brick road to cyber security is no easy feat. But don’t be frightened! With Attentus by your side, you’ll always find your way back home to safety.

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