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Data Recovery Services for Des Moines Businesses

It’s common for larger businesses or enterprises to have employees that can handle data recovery services for their business, but for most smaller companies, that is not an option. However, with the advent of data recovery services as a service, Des Moines small businesses have the same resources available to them as larger ones.

Small businesses in Des Moines get the following benefits from our data recovery services:

  • Fast recovery options available 24/7/365
  • Damaged recovery service available
  • Non-destructive diagnostics
  • Data recovery is usually fast
  • Our experience and knowledge will save your staff time
  • We offer excellent service

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Why Offsite Cloud Backup is Critical for Business

What is offsite cloud backup for business? It’s simply having a backup strategy that includes offsite backups instead of just onsite backups. Businesses should follow a 3-2-1 backup strategy which indicates you should have three copies of your data. One in production (the one being used every day) and 2 backups with at least one being an offsite backup. Today, offsite backups are made simple with the growth of the cloud storage and computing space. Businesses no longer need to build servers themselves and can simply purchase cloud storage space as they need it.

It’s important to know that 140,000 estimated hard drives crash or fail each year in the United States. This hard drive could be on a server, desktop, or even laptop and will probably contain information and data that is critical to your business. Having a copy of your data in an offsite cloud backup proves to be a lifesaver for your business in Des Moines.

Our offsite cloud backup solutions are perfect for Des Moines area businesses, whether doing business locally or globally. We can get it set up for you for your entire domain, remote workers, and employees in the office. Your data is secure at all times. One additional advantage is that you can access your data anytime from any Internet connection, perfect in case of disaster.

Some of the most common reasons that Des Moines businesses choose offsite cloud backups:

  • Scalable infrastructure means you’ll have plenty of room
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Secure and available storage
  • It’s proven to be a great way to protect important data
  • The same technology used by large corporations

It’s a widely circulated statistic that some 60% of businesses will fail after a huge data loss. Get protected now and be part of the ones that endure!

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