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Data Recovery Services for Fife Businesses

Although studies show that only 1.89% of hard drives will fail (in 2019) over the course of the year, one thing is for sure, if it happens to you it is a major problem and you will certainly be in need of data recovery services!

For Fife area businesses looking for data recovery services, we are an excellent choice. We have a complete set of tools to help us recover data whether on a hard drive or server. Our team has the experience necessary to get as much data from the drive as possible, without further damaging it.

A few of the reasons clients in Fife choose us for data recovery services are:

  • High recoverability rate
  • Equipment, knowledge, and experience in recovering data
  • Day or night response with 24/7 support
  • Damage-free diagnostics

Contact us today by phone or on our contact form to learn how our team can provide data recovery services for Fife area businesses.

Why Offsite Cloud Backup is Critical for Business

Fife businesses are like businesses located elsewhere – susceptible to data loss via equipment failure, virus or malware, or employee sabotage. In fact, over 1/3 of breaches or attacks occur on businesses with less than 250 employees, no business is safe without a comprehensive plan to protect against these situations.

These are a few important reasons why cloud backup for business in Fife is vital:

Cloud backup for business is one of the best ways to secure your data against any type of attack and provides some of the following features:

  • Encryption for high data security
  • Cloud backup is frequently updated
  • Over the Internet, data is accessible
  • Highly scalable
  • Compatibility with many devices
  • Regular cloud backups protect against fire, explosion and computer theft
  • And more!

Instead of relying on data recovery services (which we also provide), businesses would be better off with a robust cloud backup and local backup strategy in place. This strategy provides faster recovery times and will ultimately keep your business running.

Why Choose Us for Your Fife Small Business Data Backup?

We spend the time to work with each of our clients to understand their business and ultimately provide the best recommendations and data backup solutions available.

Some of the things that draw clients to our small business data backup solutions are:

  • Availability 24/7 when you are facing data loss
  • Ability to retrieve any lost file
  • Cloud storage that meets your needs
  • Pay for only what you need
  • Recovery of data is fast
  • An effective disaster-recovery plan for unforeseen issues
  • Security of your data, network & systems from hacking or virus menaces

Contact us today at 253-733-0145 to begin to discuss how our small business data backup solutions can work to protect you against data loss.

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