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Data Recovery Services for Lynnwood Businesses

Data Recovery Services Lynnwood WA

It’s common for larger businesses to employ technicians that are capable of data recovery of hard drives that might fail, however until now small and medium-sized businesses have been economically unable to employ them. With our data recovery services for Lynnwood businesses small and medium-sized businesses now can have the same level of expertise available to them if a hard drive fails.

Our data recovery services for businesses is robust and offers the following benefits:

  • We aim for excellent service with every client
  • Fast recovery options available 24/7/365
  • Data recovery is fast
  • Our expertise and knowledge will save your organization time
  • Non-destructive drive diagnostics

Contact us at 253-218-6015 if you require data recovery services in the Lynnwood area and beyond at the first sign of trouble.

Why Offsite Cloud Backup is Critical for Business

Cloud Backup for Business Lynnwood WA

There are so many reasons that offsite cloud backups are important for Lynnwood businesses and with our increasing dependence on the cloud and computer data, it’s now more important than ever.

Most computer users admit that a backup is a good idea and since estimates put the number of hard drives that fail annually in the United States at around 140,000 it is. What many businesses fail to do is have enough backup copies or to make sure that all their data is backed up. Data is commonly spread out on many more devices than just a decade ago with phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, and servers holding various pieces of data – not always the same data. It can be difficult for any small business to keep up.

Many IT professionals will suggest having at least three copies of your data. One is the production data in use and then two backup copies. The key is where and how you store those two backup copies. They should be on different media types and in different locations. This is where cloud backup becomes a critical tool for businesses.

Our backup agent is a piece of software that will quietly sit on each device and ensure that it is backed up in realtime and stored safely and securely in the cloud. Our cloud backup services will keep a copy of your data safe and secure. You then have at least one copy of your data, from all devices, in a separate location than the data itself and the other (potential) backups. We can also help you create a complete backup solution for the other copies of your data so you are protected from hardware failure, malware, and ransomware attacks, or even employee theft of sabotage.

A few other reasons that cloud backup for businesses is a good idea:

  • The same technology employed by large corporations
  • Scalable infrastructure means you’ll have plenty of room
  • It’s proven to be a great way to protect important data
  • Only pay for the storage you use
  • Secure and available storage

It’s important to know that studies show that 60% of businesses that experience a major data loss close up. Call us today to ensure you get your data backed up.

Why Choose Us for Your Lynnwood Small Business Data Backup

Small Business Data Backup Lynnwood WA

Our team has spent years working with Lynnwood businesses to create a small business data backup strategy. We’ve got the tools and experience to make sure you are protected. Check out our online reviews for more testimonials.

Call us at 253-218-6015 and let’s begin the conversation. We’ll learn about how your business works and provide valuable insights into the right small business data backup system for you to use and then implement and manage it for you.

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