Do Core Values Matter When Selecting a Partner?

Values are the character of any individual or organization. They define what is important and how they will comport themselves in your relationship. Whether you are a customer, vendor, partner, or employee, your values act as a guiding force for the choices you make and what is prioritized within those choices.
Every decision we make is through the lens of our Core Values. We ask ourselves how these choices deliver on our core values before making decisions. This allows us to hold the standard, we set for ourselves.
These are the values we hold dear at Attentus:
1. Build Trusted Relationships
We believe that trust is the lubricant for smooth interactions, saving time and increasing productivity for all involved. Central to this idea is following through on clearly defined and accepted expectations. At Attentus you can trust that we will keep our word and quickly seek to correct any issues that arise.
2. Deliver Exceptional Results
Everything worth doing is worth doing well. Delivering exceptional results means paying attention to detail and seeing the world through the eyes of the people we are serving. We seek to make every interaction, project, or partnership the best it can possibly be.
3. Seek Constant Improvement
We believe perfection is elusive but seeking improvement is the path to perfection. This means we are honest with ourselves about how we perform for our clients, partners, and team members. Every interaction is an opportunity to ask ourselves how we did and how we can be better.
4. Be the Answer
We will own the problem. We serve our clients, partners, and employees by taking ownership: no finger‐pointing, or the type of blame‐shifting that leaves our clients frustrated and trying to remedy a problem on their own. We partner with all the stakeholders to find acceptable solutions, every time.
5. Be Easy to Work With
The keys to this value are flexibility and clarity. We strive to eliminate the barriers that cause your IT decision‐making process to be more complex than it should be. Clear and succinct communication of roadblocks and their solutions make working with Attentus an easy solution.
6. Have Fun
Life is too short not to have fun doing what you do. We foster an environment where people are encouraged to laugh at themselves and with each other.
We believe our Core Values set us apart from our competition. They set the expectations for our team and let our clients know what they can expect from us. They serve as a filter for the kind of customers we look for. We know our values will resonate with many and repel a few. That is ok. Our goal is to be the right fit for the right customer.
If you are looking to build a relationship with your IT partner and these values resonate with you we’d love to meet you and learn more about how we can help you accomplish your goals.