Do You Have All the Right People in Your Corner?

Your IT is the lifeblood of your business, and you don’t want to entrust it to just anyone. Your IT systems require regular checkups, maintenance, improvements, and a fast response to any issues that arise. In many ways supporting your IT systems is like taking care of your health. 

When we have health issues, it typically isn’t just one doctor that is caring for you, but a team of medical professionals that work together to ensure you get better.  When it is something as complex and precious as your health, your medical team doesn’t want to take any chances, and the same should go for the team you put in place to manage your IT systems. 

So, who do you need to have on your IT management team to ensure your system’s health, security, and longevity? 

Assembling Your IT Team 

When assessing IT service providers, you should be looking for a team that has everything you need.  The three key services your IT team needs to be able to provide are proactive maintenance, IT strategy, and helpdesk support. 

1. Proactive Maintenance 

Proactive IT management is the key to keeping your IT systems working efficiently and effectively. Similar to going to annual health checkups, proactive IT uses strategies to monitor your systems health and keep tabs on any potential issues and be able to obtain or craft proactive solutions to future issues before they arise.

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2. IT Strategy & vCIO Services 

The strategy that drives your IT system maintenance and planning is the key to making a tangible impact on business operations and ensures you receive an ROI on your technology investment. Like a medical specialist crafting a course of treatment to improve your health over time, a vCIO or virtual Chief Information Officer works as your IT strategy expert, aligning the management of your technology systems with your business goals to create a system that will support your business’s growth and future needs. 

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3. IT Helpdesk Support

Even the best laid plans can’t account for the unexpected.  When you unexpectedly hurt yourself, you often find yourself having to brave the emergency room. At an emergency room you often have to wait for what seems like forever to only get a band-aid solution to tide you over until you can see your regular doctor, and it costs you a fortune. 

The same goes for having to reach out to IT Helpdesk support. Often you are supplied with a quick fix to your issue and it ends up taking a lot of time and back and forth with the technician in order to get your issue resolved. We set up our services to make our Helpdesk experiences as simple and headache free as possible. Though having to use support is not the ideal situation, it is important to still have access to Helpdesk support for those emergency situations. 

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The Attentus IT Team

As an IT business, we have seen nearly every case imaginable when it comes to IT system management, but we haven’t found one yet that can’t be cured with proactive management, strategic guidance, and quick support when needed. We have crafted all of our services to include these three crucial elements because we are invested in our client’s success. 

We don’t want to just make your IT work; we want to make your IT work for you

If you are interested in partnering with us you can book an introductory call with us anytime via this link: https://calendly.com/attentus-team/intro