Preparing for Tech Shipment Delays: 3 Reasons to Get Ahead of Supply Chain Issues Before 2022

Are any elements in your business’s IT infrastructure due for an upgrade in the near future? Here’s the bad news: as 2022 approaches, there are several potential supply chain issues — some more predictable than others — that could prevent you from receiving your technology shipments in a timely manner.

The good news? You still have time to avoid major delays caused by supply chain issues, and our vCIOs are here to help you plan ahead strategically. But you must act fast.

Here are three reasons to be proactive about upgrading your business’s hardware before we ring in the new year, and how you can do it.

1. Currently, there is a global shortage of microchips.

Microchips are the “brains” of many of the most common devices, including laptops and smartphones. But when COVID-19 struck, microchip production was turned on its head for a few reasons.

As people around the world adjusted to working from home, many realized they needed newer machines. The increased demand for these products meant suppliers began struggling to keep up. Simultaneously, factories around the world were forced to shut down, causing a halt in production.

In light of the shortage, the pricing and availability of tech products is changing daily, and it is more important than ever to rely on recommendations from our vCIOs regarding your business’s hardware needs. This is especially true if your IT infrastructure includes outdated devices on the brink of failure.

Our team urges you to consider purchasing soon-to-be-needed technology at least six to eight weeks ahead of your desired deployment day. Don’t wait until a device finally kicks the bucket to order its replacement. With the microchip shortage, it may be weeks before your systems are up and running.

Video: Worldwide microchip shortage explained

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2. New hires need reliable technology on day one.

So, you’ve just hired a new employee. Congratulations, your team is growing! If the last couple of years have taught businesses anything, it’s that employees — and great hires — are among the most valuable assets.

But no one wants to show up on their first day to find a bare workstation. Given current supply shortages, laptops and other necessary devices are increasingly difficult to source, and it may be hard to ensure your new employee’s workstation will be ready to go on their scheduled start date.

By communicating with vCIOs about potential IT needs the moment you begin the employee recruitment process, you can give new hires the equipment they need to hit the ground running.

3. It’s the perfect time of year to review and set business goals.

Towards the end of the calendar year, many clients reflect on which areas of their business are working and which need improvement. It’s a great time to set goals for next year and to address any technology pain points from the previous year.

But if you’re eager to see new solutions implemented by 2022, we need to get services scheduled as soon as possible. While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, they’re also the busiest for our vCIOs. Currently, our lead time for new projects is roughly three to four weeks. As clients continue to close out their 2021 budgets, this time is likely to increase.

If you need technology upgrades, act now.

Now’s the time to define your budget and plan IT purchases for the coming quarters. Our vCIOs are here to help you navigate the worldwide supply chain crisis and optimize your technology systems, preparing your business for its best year yet.