SMB Needs Have Changed

The Server Message Block, or SMB, has been the cornerstone of workplace operations for years now. With radical shifts in technology and the way we do business, things are going through changes and fast.

The SMB needs of today need to incorporate this technology. But throwing in new technology without a plan for connection and security is suicide.

Understanding what pieces need protection, which ones need focus, and how to tie it all together will be what makes or breaks a company.

The SMB Needs of Today

Interconnected networks have always been an issue for security. As more items interlinked means more access points and potential for security issues.

The answer comes from adaptation. Between the integration of technology with your IT department and an ever-watchful eye on security clearance and technology use, you need to keep with everything.

That takes good management and understanding. The most prominent items you will need to cover are the following.

1. Covering Mobile Technology

The growth of mobile devices has seen a massive skyrocket in users over the past few years. The integration of the smartphone and other devices into everyday and business use has been huge.

It has also given massive benefits. The ability to log in from anywhere and operate on the go is a huge boon to productivity. The drawback, of course, is security.

Managing a secure connection from mobile requires mobile expertise. Experts in your IT department will be a must and getting bigger, more stable networks may be a requirement.

2. Marketing Automation and Its Risks

Marketing automation programs allow companies of any size to put out large amounts of marketing pushes without dedicating the equivalent in employee hours.

While this boon can help alleviate the amount of employee access, which in turn can help relieve the weight of security, it isn’t perfect.

You must make sure the information that these programs are sending out and accessing are all appropriate and pre-cleared. A wrong usage could disrupt your marketing plans and endanger valuable information.

3. Solidifying the Cloud

Businesses are moving their data to the Cloud, often in large swathes and with the intent to abandon the old servers of the past. Cloud services can be efficient for the operation of data management, but the connections it provides can be dangerous.

Server security will be a bigger issue than ever. Many Cloud services offer protection for your data in the form of backups and security clearance. Still, creating your own additional security methods would not be too far.

4. More Secure Workplace Collaboration Tools

The positive aspect to all this technology has been enhanced productivity and more manageable workspaces. There are are some technologies that even help to create the secure connections that your SMB needs going forward.

The growing roster of workplace collaboration tools allows for a push to a more digital-centric workplace. When everything is digital, security can be a large matter of efficient IT department setup.

Integrating all of these programs together is the fastest route towards creating a new, strong SMB creation.

Security and Technology in Need

Your SMB needs will be a constant factor in technology integration in the years to come. This is only the tip of the iceberg for many of the brand new waves of technology to enhance the businesses of the future.

To brace for all the new technology changes, and for more tips on how best to integrate them, we believe in information that works. For more information on how these technologies can help you, contact us today.