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Reduce poor connectivity issues and maximize network uptime for added productivity

Avoid Frequent Network Issues with our IT Network Support in Tacoma

Prevent slowdowns and costly data breaches with proactive network monitoring and routine maintenance.

Why choose Attentus for Network Support Services in Tacoma, WA?

  • Reduce the frequency of network errors with 24/7 proactive monitoring and maintenance
  • Enhance network speed and efficiency with expert network administration, optimization, and patching
  • Protect your vulnerable data with comprehensive network security measures and proactive threat hunting
  • Gain consistency in your IT spending with one flat-fee all-inclusive monthly price
  • Improve business productivity across the board when your network operates correctly with minimal interruptions


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What our Clients Say About our Network Services Company

  • "Hiring Attentus Technologies was a proactive decision and I feel like they've done more than what they said they would do."

    Mike Fitzgerald

    CEO, Halfpops

  • "I recommend Attentus Technologies because they are easy to work with, they respond immediately to our issues, and they're proactive about solving any problems before they arise."

    Brandy Fielding

    CEO, White River Credit Union

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    Businesses That Trust Our Network Support and Maintenance in Tacoma

    • Charlies Produce
    • White River Credit Union
    • Magellan Architects
    • CG Engineering
    • Swift Hr Solutions
    • Puget Sound Steel
    • BooginHead
    • Daco
    • Gamblin
    • WA DECA

    Our Network Support Services in Tacoma, WA

    Network Management

    Network Management

    If you’re experiencing frequent network disruptions and slowdowns, it’s likely your network is either outdated or not being managed properly.

    In both cases, our computer systems and computer network support specialists can ensure your networks operate correctly by providing:

    • Network Support & Maintenance
    • Access to Network Support Technicians
    • Network Design & Installation Services
    • Networking Support for Cloud Computing
    • Network Cabling
    • And More

    Our computer support specialists have decades of experience optimizing business networks like yours and can provide you with more hands-on assistance than most other networking companies in Tacoma.

    Network Security

    Network Security Services

    Millions of data breaches occur every day all over the United States, most of which target small- to medium-sized businesses.

    Our security computer network consultants can protect your network with:

    • Multi-Factor Authentication Setup
    • 24/7 Monitoring & Threat Hunting
    • Penetration Testing Services
    • Patch Configurations
    • Implementing VPNs
    • Scanning Traffic Logs for Unauthorized Access
    • Disaster Recovery Planning

    No matter how many computer users your company has, our computer network support specialists will be keeping a watchful eye and perform network maintenance to ensure you’re as protected as possible at all times.

    Network Consulting

    Expert Network Consulting

    If you plan on growing your business, your information technology will need to grow with you in order to support the extra data generated from your customers and the added network infrastructure to support your growing team.

    With our network consulting services you can get:

    • Strategic Planning & Advice
    • Access to Industry Experts
    • Cost Saving Solutions
    • Leverage our Vendor Relationships
    • Acquire New Hardware & Software
    • Plan Office Moves & Relocations

    If you have a network in Tacoma, IT support and consulting go hand in hand with one another and are part of a larger, holistic strategy of maintenance to ensure your networks are always operating at peak capacity.

    Cloud Services

    Cloud Services

    Whether you require a more secure cloud environment, want to increase the size of your cloud-based data storage or need to conduct a total migration of your business applications to a cloud environment, we can manage it all for you.

    Our suite of cloud services includes:

    • Cloud Migrations
    • Cloud Hosting
    • Cloud Maintenance
    • Cloud Security
    • And More

    Most businesses now use the cloud to support their growth and scalability. We can effectively move your entire IT infrastructure ourselves, or work closely with your existing computer systems administrators to provide support.

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    Our Network Support in Tacoma by the Numbers

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    20 Minutes

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    Network Support Services

    See the Difference Proactive Network Support Services Makes

    With many networking companies in Tacoma only providing passive support, and leaping into action after a data breach has occurred, we employ proactive measures to provide the best network support and maintenance.

    Our proactive network monitoring and maintenance measures include:

    • Scanning Traffic Logs for Security Events
    • Detecting Unauthorized Access Attempts
    • Preventing Data Breaches
    • Improving Redundancies & Latency Issues
    • Scheduling Maintenance Tasks
    • Configuring Firewalls for Optimal Performance
    • And More

    Being proactive, in our experience, is the only way to effectively protect any business network.

    That’s why our computer network support specialists in Tacoma, Washington are trusted by so many growing businesses. They rely on us to keep their data safe from the growing number of worldwide cyber threats and protect the sensitive information that matters most.

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