How to Save Money in I.T.

Let’s face it–it’s hard to keep up with all the new technological advances these days.

As an I.T. company, we always want to try out the new gadgets and toys, but the harsh truth is that they’re expensive. And not every tool should be purchased just because it’s shiny and new. Today we’ll be talking about how you can save money as a business owner in the I.T. industry.

Plan ahead. 

Saving money is all about strategically planning ahead in order to create fewer tickets for your business. For most companies, payroll takes up the majority of your expenses. Such a big investment should also give back a hefty return, and if your employees are not able to produce work because they are too busy on the phone with your I.T. help desk, then you are simply losing money to time.

To prevent this, ensure that you are implementing a necessary I.T. infrastructure that will lessen your employees’ downtime and increase productivity and profits. By strengthening the technology people use and your own I.T. team in terms of skills and knowledge, your business will see more savings. As a business owner, you may not have the time to fully develop your I.T. infrastructure or lack the knowledge to do so properly – this can be remedied with our next suggestion on how to save money:

Establish a long-term relationship with an I.T. provider.

When we say you’re in good hands, we mean it. Building a relationship with a value-based I.T. provider like us provides your business with opportunities to reliably establish an I.T. infrastructure as well as reach your business’ long-term goals. We prioritize our relationships with clients, and if you are wanting to forge a path with us long-term, then we will reduce our monthly costs in order to achieve your objectives. Check to see if your current I.T. provider offer similar incentives!

Modernize core systems and services.

Oftentimes, we witness businesses who still use on-premise infrastructure deal with the following issues: replacing infrastructure every 5-7 years, lack of efficiency and flexibility, and paying for I.T. providers to manage these systems on top of everything else. Maybe this rang a bell for you, and if it did, then going virtual is an all-encompassing solution that can alleviate these issues.

Transitioning these systems to a Cloud software or SaaS solution allows your employees to securely access the tools needed – without the never ending cycle of buying more infrastructure. Break free from the cycle and talk with your current I.T. provider about what that transition may look like.

Eliminate duplicate services.

Now this is a blaring issue across the board that we have noticed in almost every business. We have seen companies who pay for upgraded accounts of Google Doc, a local file server, One Drive, and Office 365 despite the fact that they all have the same tools and purposes. We’ve also seen licenses still being paid for annually despite the person utilizing it having left the company years ago.

To avoid these costs, we partner with our clients to identify duplicate services and eliminate unnecessary ones. In doing so, our clients see a decrease in expenses as well as an increase in employee productivity. Moreover, we also provide a monthly report to reconcile the licenses you need and help remove those extra costs. Does your current I.T. provider manage your licensing?

If any of the services outlined above interests you, feel free to schedule a call with us and we can help with your I.T. needs!