6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your I.T. Services

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Key Takeaways: How can an MSP upgrade improve operational efficiency and productivity while saving money? What are the repercussions of complacency regarding periodic reviews of an MSP's services? How can slow system performance be a clear indicator of the need for an I.T. services upgrade? Why is cybersecurity a critical aspect of an MSP's services, and what are the potential consequences of inadequate security measures? What role does scalability play in ensuring that I.T. infrastructure can support business growth and innovation?

Working with an I.T. managed services provider (MSP) can improve your business’s operational efficiency and productivity while saving money. Your MSP, filled with strategic thinkers and expert technicians, is by your side all the way. You get the latest and greatest technology and iron-clad security, and your infrastructure grows as your business grows—if you’re working with the right MSP.

Complacency is the enemy of progress, and while you might have a long-standing relationship with your current MSP partner, it’s vital to do periodic reviews. An MSP that offers outdated I.T. services will only hinder efficiency and stifle growth, not to mention frustrate employees and customers alike. And what about security? Hackers never sleep, and neither should your MSP.

In this article, we’ll pinpoint the clear signs that you need an I.T. services upgrade, from security issues to software snafus, to rising costs. 

1. Slow system performance.

Are your employees waiting for their computers to start up and applications and web pages to load? That’s a clear sign that your I.T. systems are struggling to keep up with the pace of business, and it’s time to upgrade not only your system but your I.T. services with a company that takes a proactive approach.

Frequent downtime that renders systems unavailable means lost productivity resulting from unreliable infrastructure. A system that can’t keep up now can hardly scale with your business. 

2. Frequent security breaches.

Good cybersecurity comes from understanding how good security is built, and it’s more than a firewall and antivirus software. If your MSP isn’t keeping your systems and data secure, it leaves your business exposed and vulnerable. You need an MSP that can provide a full stack of solutions that adhere to industry-standard frameworks such as NIST

Cybersecurity breaches may be one of the best gauges of MSP performance. With the average cost of a data breach in 2023 hitting more than $9 million, you can’t afford to gamble with security. 

3. Lack of scalability.

As businesses evolve and expand, so too must their I.T. infrastructure. For many companies with outdated systems, scalability remains a significant challenge. Whether it’s limited storage capacity, outdated software licenses, or hardware constraints, an inability to scale can hinder growth and innovation.

Scalability takes strategy, and a lack of strategic planning for your technology infrastructure is a clear sign you should replace your I.T. services. Your MSP should be thinking strategically from the get-go and must ensure that your infrastructure remains in sync with your overall company goals. A lack of planning can throw your business off course and take significant money to fix. 

4. Inability to support new technology.

There’s no question that technology advances rapidly, offering new tools that can boost productivity, overall efficiency, and the customer experience. These are the things that give you your competitive edge.

With outdated I.T. services, you get outdated systems that may be incompatible with new technologies. This leaves your business firmly rooted in the past, making it unable to capitalize on new opportunities.

5. Rising maintenance costs.

Outdated technology carries a heavy financial burden for your business with the constant nickel-and-diming for updates, repairs, training, and inefficient workarounds for software that just doesn’t quite integrate with your current systems.

While it may be tempting to delay upgrading your I.T. infrastructure to save costs in the short term, the reality is that outdated systems often incur higher maintenance expenses over time. From hardware failures to software glitches, the cost of maintaining aging infrastructure can quickly add up, draining valuable resources and diverting attention away from strategic initiatives. 

6. Poor I.T. lifecycle management

Keeping a car until the wheels fall off might be practical, but that doesn’t apply to I.T. assets. Outdated I.T. services won’t have a lifecycle management strategy with a schedule for replacing assets; they will wait until you suffer significant downtime with its related (and unpredictable) expenses, including direct labor and lost productivity.

Your I.T. services provider should proactively strategize a replacement schedule for end-user computers and other assets – this offers more uptime, predictable expenses, and less business disruption.

End the struggle – jettison outdated I.T. services

Your MSP should be the answer, not the problem. Outdated I.T. services hinder efficiency, hamper growth, hamstring productivity, and cost you financially and competitively. 

Digitization has brought incredible benefits, but keeping up-to-date and scalable presents a significant challenge. A step-by-step, strategic approach will get you where you want to go. Stay secure, and get the I.T. infrastructure you need to support growth.

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