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Building an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Losing valuable data can be one of the most devastating and time-consuming setbacks for a company. A cyber attack or natural disaster can decimate day-to-day business operations and hinder long-term success if you’re not prepared. It is essential to have a comprehensive IT disaster recovery plan to ensure that your important data is protected.

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Explaining the IT Outsourcing Trend

For many business owners, IT outsourcing is a comprehensive solution to the otherwise time-consuming job of managing technical operations. Managed services add value and improve operations for a wide range business types by offering additional data security, disaster recovery, and cloud services.

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7 Common Hacking Methods

In today’s world, security is more important than ever. With the astronomical volume of sensitive information stored online, fortifying your IT system is crucial. One way to reinforce your system’s security is through hardware upgrades. New hardware is typically stronger and faster, and it’s less likely to have workarounds that make your operating system vulnerable to a data breach. 

In addition to upgrading computer hardware, it’s worthwhile to educate yourself and your employees on hacking methods. All it takes is one wrong click to compromise your entire system. Knowing about common hacking techniques can make all the difference. 

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Why does your organization need an incident response plan?

In the last two years, cyber-attacks have risen 600%. We know, it’s alarming news. That’s why now more than ever, it is important to have a gameplan in place should an attack hit your business. 

You need an Incident Response Plan (IRP). 

Not only are IRPs useful and potentially life-saving for your business, but most cyber liability insurances actually require you to have an IRP in place before establishing coverage or to remain active. 

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5 Reasons Why You Need an IT Security Audit

An IT security audit is important for organizations of all sizes and across all industries, as it gives clear insight into vulnerabilities, areas of strength, and what action steps to take next. While it isn’t a cure-all, it does provide a neutral view of your organization’s technical strengths and weaknesses.

Between the rise in cyberattacks, insider intellectual property theft, and even domestic data breaches, companies of all sizes have to get more serious about ongoing information security. 

No organization is immune to the potential for security breaches, even if they aren’t a large organization. 

In fact, it can be argued that the smaller organizations face greater risk as cybercriminals assume those smaller organizations have fewer resources to defend themselves than their larger counterparts.   

Here are the five best reasons why your organization needs an IT security audit.

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Take the Cyber Security Planning Journey With Us

The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving, and unfortunately, hackers know how to navigate it. Bad actors devise sophisticated methods of wreaking havoc on businesses' IT infrastructure... and they do it routinely. 

To stay protected, you must take a vigilant and proactive approach. 

We're here to help. We'll create a security game plan built around your business's unique needs using cutting-edge strategies to stop hackers in their tracks. Come along with us on the cyber security planning journey! 

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7 ways to optimize Office 365 security and configuration

Is your business utilizing Microsoft Office 365 to its fullest potential? While you may be dipping into the tried-and-true platform for emails and other standard functions, you may be overlooking security features essential to protecting your company’s and customers’ sensitive data. 

Below are 7 key features of Office 365 that your business should be utilizing. 

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Windows 11: What you need to know about the operating system and how to make the switch

Bill Gates meets Arnold Schwarzenegger at a party and asks him if he’s upgraded to Windows 11. The Terminator responds: Ah, still love Vista, baby! 

While Windows 11 is Microsoft’s latest operating system — having been released in October 2021 — we want to begin by expressing that our team still loves Windows 10 (although we do hope you’ve terminated Vista). Here’s what you need to know about Windows 11 and how we can help you eventually make the switch. 

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3 Ways We Protect Your Technology Against Wind and Snow Storms

Frigid air. Blizzards. Sleet and ice.

It’s hard to predict the weather, so it’s important to prepare for the worst. Severe fall and winter storms can wreak havoc on your IT systems, causing damaged systems, lost data and other catastrophes.

The best way to deal with inclement weather? Mitigate risk ahead of time, so your business isn’t forced to spend precious resources restoring crucial information after the fact.

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Do You Have All the Right People in Your Corner?

Your IT is the lifeblood of your business, and you don’t want to entrust it to just anyone. Your IT systems require regular checkups, maintenance, improvements, and a fast response to any issues that arise. In many ways supporting your IT systems is like taking care of your health. 

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Would Your Business Be Okay If You Suddenly Lost Your IT Administrator?

Most businesses rely on a relatively small IT team, or a lone “IT Guy” to keep their systems up and running. Typically, these employees know the ins and outs of every piece of the network and handle all your technology needs.  With IT being the lifeblood of your business as well as a role that takes specialized education and experience, it can be frightening to think about what would happen if you suddenly lost your IT guy.

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