Cost of IT Support for Small Business

Choosing an IT support plan can be a daunting task for small business owners. Some IT companies seem to make their IT support pricing deliberately complicated, so you’re not sure what you’re paying for or what’s included. When a tech issue arises, you may be hit with a nasty surprise fee that was not made clear when you initially signed up for the plan.

So what type of IT services package should you go with? Does it make more sense to pay for services as-needed or have all your IT solutions managed round-the-clock? What is the overall IT support cost for a small business? We’re here to help sort out all the options, and discover which one is the right fit for your business.

The average cost of IT support services varies greatly depending on your services provider and your specific needs. Many small businesses choose to outsource IT support, as having a dedicated IT staff in-house can be very costly. Outsourcing IT companies enable you to have comprehensive support for your small business without needing to spend money hiring extra staff. Outsourcing also allows current employees to focus on other important areas of work, while an entire team of experts manages the IT needs of the business.

Outsourced IT companies have many different options for small business IT support pricing, and it’s important to understand the different plans and pricing models.

What Types of IT Services Plans Are Available?

Although each IT company offers slightly different plans, there are a few types that are generally available.

Flat Monthly Rate

Monthly IT support contract pricing is a very common and practical option. Businesses often choose this type of plan if they have clearly defined IT projects they are working to accomplish. If you know ahead of time exactly what services you require, a plan with a clear monthly fee is often the most simple and budget-wise. This type of IT services plan is also known as fixed-cost pricing.

The downside of a flat rate plan is that it cannot be immediately adjusted if your needs change. Any change must be approved and the contract must be updated. The biggest benefit of this type of plan is predictable costs with no hidden fees.

What Types of IT Services Plans Are Available?

Hourly Rate

If you don’t have clearly defined IT goals, or you’re not sure exactly what services you need, you may choose to have more flexibility with an hourly rate. A business may purchase hours in advance and use them whenever needed. This option is also helpful if you have a range of small IT projects.


The break/fix option is when businesses only utilize IT services when their hardware or software fails, and in-house staff are unable to resolve the problem. This type of IT support is also referred to as “as-needed” services. The popularity of break/fix solutions has fallen over the years, as most businesses now seek to design their IT infrastructure in a more sustainable way and monitor their systems to prevent issues before they happen.

Attentus provides a number of IT services, including:

The most common issue businesses encounter with break/fix is unpredictable costs. It is not possible to know exactly how much time and effort will be required to fix an issue, so the cost of IT support can quickly skyrocket in this situation. In addition, since the business is only contacting the IT company when an issue arises, technicians may not be able to respond immediately, adding to downtime and loss of productivity.

Customizable IT Plan

Although many IT companies do not offer customizable options, there are some IT companies that offer flexible options for each of their unique clients. Customizable plans are an ideal solution, because you can reduce the cost of IT support by paying for only the services you need. You are not locked in to buying additional services, yet you still have comprehensive support coverage. You can consult with the company and figure out exactly which services you need.

What Factors Affect the Cost of IT Support for Small Business?

What Factors Affect the Cost of IT Support for Small Business?

IT companies may adjust the rates for their services depending on a number of factors.

Number of Devices, Employees or Support Calls

IT companies may adjust the cost of IT support for a business based on how many devices they are monitoring, or how often they are providing support.

Remote Services vs. On-site Services

Many IT companies do offer on-site services to clients, although the cost of these services varies greatly. Enterprise-level pricing plans often include unlimited on-site services. Mid-level plans may include on-site services as needed, or clients may have to pay on a per-use basis. Basic plans may include remote monitoring and support only, or may offer a pay-per-use option for on-site services.

On-site service availability also depends on the location of each business. If a business is far away from the IT company, the company may decide not to deploy technicians, and may offer remote service instead. Overall, on-site services tend to be more costly. These services may occasionally be necessary if your business runs into a complex tech issue, and does not have any IT staff in-house.

As-Needed Services vs. Managed Services

As-Needed Services vs. Managed Services

Some small businesses only require tech support during specific limited times. They may only have IT staff during certain shifts, and use an outsourced IT company during off-hours. They may only require occasional services infrequently. Depending on how often these support services are required, the business may find it more cost-effective to only pay when they need a service.

As previously mentioned, however, as-needed IT support services pricing can quickly add up. After a few months, business owners may realize they require more full-time tech support if the business is using as-needed services more often than initially planned.

Managed services are much more comprehensive and generally provide round-the-clock IT support for small businesses. You pay an initial cost, but also gain access to a higher tier of customer support. Additional services are often included in the cost of IT managed support pricing.

Businesses usually end up saving money in the long run if they choose a managed services plan. The IT support cost of managed services is offset by the tech strategy and consulting that is often included, enabling companies to eliminate waste in their infrastructure and streamline operations.

How Do I Lower My IT Support Cost for a Small Business?

One of the best ways to have full control over the cost of small business IT support is to choose a provider that offers customizable plans. Attentus Tech is a Managed Service Provider offering cyber security, cloud service, end user, and field IT support and services.

What makes us unique is that we offer fully customizable IT support packages for small businesses. Our IT support cost for a small business is very affordable and we only charge for services the client needs. Services also include no-charge engineering and procurement scoping, to create a long-term strategy that works best for your business. Our services never include hidden fees, so you enjoy predictable IT costs.

Contact us today to discover a custom plan to meet your unique needs. We offer everything from basic overnight help desk services to fully managed IT services packages. Attentus Tech is a perfect fit for small businesses looking to make the most of their budget and gain best-in-class IT support services.