The Glue That Holds Your IT Services Together: vCIO Services

Technology is at the foundation of the business world. Regardless of what your business does, you are leveraging technology to run it. Without the ability to translate your business’s needs into technology solutions, you will have a hard time obtaining success.

This is where vCIO services come in. A vCIO or virtual Chief Information Officer works as your IT strategy expert, aligning your technology systems with your business goals to improve your business and plan for the future.

With a proactive IT approach, a robust and well-configured tool stack, and a commitment to keeping your IT systems well maintained, your business is set for success- all you need is a goal to achieve. A vCIO can give you those goals and set milestones for you to work towards.


The Benefits of Strategic vCIO Services 

1. Avoid becoming obsolete

Technology evolves at a rapid speed. It is hard enough to keep up with your core business challenges, let alone continually learn and adopt new technologies. Even with internal IT resources, it is hard to focus on strategic planning while keeping up with regular maintenance and service. Having a dedicated IT professional focused on planning for the future and vetting new technology tools will keep your systems efficient and up to date.


2. Interpret what your technology is telling you 

 When you perform regular system maintenance and monitoring, you begin to build up data on your business operations. The amount and type of IT issues that pop up are key indicators of opportunities for optimization. A vCIO can read between the lines of that data to make recommendations.


3. Increase your profits while saving money

The impact of strategic services when it comes to IT is clear. Connecting your business goals with your IT systems gives you the ability to drastically increase your efficiency and profitability. Additionally, with our vCIO services, you get the benefit of a partner that intimately knows your systems to plan, manage, and support your IT without having to hire a full-time C-level executive. 

Avoid IT Consultants, Invest in vCIO Services

Here at Attentus, we specifically don’t provide consulting services. One of our key tenants is building trusted relationships with our clients, which means sharing success. Consulting is a one-way street: you pay us for our advice. As with all our services, your vCIO will become an extension of your business, an employee in everything but the title.

Entering into a true partnership with your vCIO means they will get to learn your business and your IT systems inside and out. With the insight a partnership allows, your vCIO will be able to work on assembling quarterly strategies to meet your business goals and will enable them to then turn around and translate that strategy to our engineers to bring those ideas to life.

If you want to enable change through IT and achieve your business objectives with ease, give us a call and let’s get started.