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Auto Dealerships


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DMS Support and Integration

Whether you are an independent used-car dealer or a large retail automotive distributor, your dealer management system (DMS) is critical to your operations. With complex regulations, manufacturer tracking and inventory management the automotive industry depends on technology now more than ever. Attentus Technologies is uniquely experienced in supporting and integrating dealership technologies, ensuring your DMS works well with the rest of your computer and network infrastructure. 

Dealer Management Systems
Dealer Case Study
Dealer Case Study

Interbuilding Networking

Automotive dealerships are massive properties, often spanning several acres, and generally have several distinct buildings for different sections or purposes. One of the major struggles car dealerships face, as a result, is with network connectivity. The dealership needs to have its files and applications be accessible from anywhere on the property, and the network needs to be consistent and stable to be effective. Attentus Technologies has extensive experience with Wide Area Networking using wired, wireless and fiber technologies. Our engineers are here to ensure you have the right solution at the right price point.

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Proactive 24x7 Management and Monitoring

When you have a customer ready to make a purchase on a weekend, you can’t afford to wait until Monday for your IT person to fix your technology. Attentus Technology's team of engineers proactively monitor and maintain your computer and network systems to keep them running around the clock. In the event a system goes down, our team will immediately receive a call alerting us of the issue, so we can get you back up and running within minutes, day or night. 

Automotive Managed IT Services

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Dealer Case Study
Dealer Case Study