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Would you like to bring Chromebooks into the classroom as part of the Google for Education platform? As a Google Chrome for Education Sales Representative, Attentus Technologies can sell and implement the entire Google for Education suite of products, including Chromebooks, Chrome Device Management, G Suite for Education, and Google Classroom. We don’t just stop with the Google products, though. Whether you need classroom Wi-Fi, laptop charging carts, tablets, printers, projectors, smartboards, or anything in between, Attentus Technologies is your partner for every classroom technology need.

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Classroom Wi-Fi

From terabytes of large drawing files and digital renderings to powerful CAD workstations, A/E/C firms depend on fast technology to keep design and development time competitive. With so much pressure for fast technology, it is easy to overspend and lose focus on ROI. Attentus Technologies helps by implementing results-driven technology solutions.

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