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With so many I.T. service companies to choose from in the Pacific Northwest, why choose Attentus? We care about our customers and we make your business our business. As the leading provider of I.T. services in Bellevue and Seattle, we provide friendly, hands-on support 24/7. And we share our expertise, so our customers understand not only the “what” but the “why” behind our technology solutions.

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We Offer Remote IT Support in Puyallup

We offer remote IT support (information technology support) to Puyallup area businesses who want to ensure that they have the support their employees need when it comes to technology. Read on to find out how remote IT support works and why businesses should embrace it, rather than relying on non-expert employees to pick up the slack.

Remote IT support can be easily provided for several technology-related issues. Technicians remotely connect to an employee’s computer and help them with whatever the issue is. This type of service typically can resolve issues in about a quarter of the time that dispatching a technician can, and at a fraction of the cost.

Here is a list of some of the amazing benefits that remote IT support can offer to businesses:

  • Quick remote IT support response time
  • Decreased costs with reduced downtime
  • Affordable cost with services tailored to our needs
  • 24/7 access
  • Access to our expertise and latest technology
  • Additional free capital without hiring a technician
  • Proactive system maintenance
  • Advantages of remote IT help services

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Our Business IT Support Features Include

Business IT support is a term that covers a lot of different technical issues that your employees are likely to have. Some of the items that are most often included in our business IT support plans include:

  • VoIP phone system services
  • Hosting
  • Cloud solutions
  • Network, computer, and data security
  • 24/7 server and system monitoring
  • Recovery and data backup
  • Consulting for IT technology planning

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Why Choose Us For Remote IT Help Services in Puyallup?

We have been providing remote IT help services to businesses of all sizes for several years. Our technicians have been in the industry and have kept up on all the latest technology advances.

Utilizing remote IT help services can provide faster resolution times than an on-site visit can and certainly is more effective than relying on employees to help “on the side.”

Here are some of the common issues that we can help with and include in our remote IT help service packages:

  • Problem-solving without the associated downtime
  • A wide variety of IT issues
  • Monitoring and minimizing system problems or failures
  • Ability to run diagnostics or maintenance programs
  • Server, desktop, and laptop software upgrades
  • 24/7 support
  • Training end-users
  • Full data recovery and backup solutions available

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