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How a VoIP Phone System Helps Bellevue Businesses

VoIP Phone System Bellevue WA

VoIP phone systems help businesses stay connected to their various offices, employees and most importantly their customers. A VoIP phone system uses the Internet and IP networks (internet protocol) to route calls instead of traditional phone lines. The benefits are many.

Any sized business in the Bellevue area and beyond can take advantage of a communication package that will give you the features you need at a cost you can afford.

Some of the best benefits of a VoIP phone system are:

  • Lower total cost of ownership than traditional systems
  • All you need is broadband to make a call
  • Employee productivity gains
  • System can easily scale
  • Employees are more efficient because of unique features
  • No on-site phone server management

While reliability and availability are still extremely important in choosing a VoIP phone system (or any phone communication system for that matter) you can rest assured that a VoIP phone system will be more redundant than a traditional system due to some very unique features.

Start the conversation today about how a VoIP phone system will transform businesses large and small while lowering your overall operating expense.

Small Business Phones & Service Features

Small Business Phones Bellevue WA

A small business phone can include service features that you won’t typically find on a traditional premise-based phone solution. We have a variety of handsets for you to choose from that range from basic to more complex. Plus, cordless phone options and conferencemodels and attendant consoles so you can be sure that your employees all have the right equipment.

  • Features are easy to use
  • Wideband audio quality means clear calls
  • Full duplex speakerphones available
  • Automated attendant with many configuration options
  • Transfers are quick and easy
  • Installation is straight forward

Call us today at 253-785-9089 and speak with one of our small business phone expert consultants who will explain everything you need to know and help design the right system for you.

Why Choose Us for Small Business Hosted VoIP Service?

Small Business Hosted VoIP Bellevue WA

In 2020 total business VoIP users are expected to top 350 million! We have provided businesses in the Bellevue, WA area Voice over IP services for a lot of years and it’s always backed by our great support and excellent customer service.

  • Compete with bigger companies
  • Employees are more productive
  • Ability to take the service wherever you have broadband
  • Remote connection options
  • Startup costs are minimal
  • We help build a custom service package for you
  • Fees are predictable

Giveusa call today for help building a small business hosted VoIP phone service with flexibility & mobility options. 253-785-9089

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