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How a VoIP Phone System Helps Bothell Businesses


We offer a VoIP phone system for medium business with technology that transforms the way small to medium size businesses communicate using phone calls over the internet.

Rather than using a traditional telephone line, you can make calls using a VoIP phone system and an internet connection.

This is a brief overview of how a VoIP phone system helps Bothell businesses:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Portability – ability to use a VoIP phone system worldwide
  • Greater business scalability
  • Lower start-ups & maintenance costs
  • Improved reporting productivity
  • Comes with a range of efficiency-building features

Call us today to learn more about how we can help lower your operating costs, and transform your business with a low VoIP phone system cost, easy installation, and a flat-rate guarantee!

Small Business Phones & Service Features


If you are searching for “business phone systems near me” that are affordable and capable of keeping up with your growing business, call on our expert business phone consultants to help you make an educated choice among small business phones for your Bothell business.

We offer a broad range of small business phones for Bothell businesses that range from basic entry-level multi-line phone systems for small businesses to more complex IP phones and optional service features best suited for your growing business.

These are a few features and benefits of our small business phone systems:

  • Easy installation and management
  • Quick and simple transfer options
  • Auto attendant
  • Clear audio wideband quality
  • Call screening
  • Remote operation
  • Speaker phones with full-duplex capability

We can help you improve operations and productivity with new technologies in small business phones that are easy to use and very affordable.

A single call to speak with one of our small business phone consultants can help you narrow the field in choosing the best virtual phone system for small business. Call today!

Why Choose Us For Small Business Hosted VoIP Service?


While you are working hard to expand your operation, we can help facilitate your expansion with small business hosted VoIP service designed with flexibility in mind.

When you choose us for small business hosted VoIP service in Bothell, we can help your growing business compete with larger corporate entities by offering:

  • Enterprise level features and functionality
  • Data collection integrations
  • Greater scalability
  • Flexibility & mobility to take the service wherever you go
  • Easy remote connectivity to the system
  • Low startup costs & maintenance
  • Tailored service packages

Our small business hosted VoIP systems technology, business VoIP phone service, and cutting-edge features are extremely cost-effective.

As a small business hosted VoIP provider serving Bothell, we offer services at a fraction of traditional telephone circuitry while also allowing you to purchase only those features needed to keep your business on the competitive cutting edge.

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