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How a VoIP Phone System Helps Puyallup Businesses

VoIP Phone System Puyallup WA

Puyallup business owners are now able to access a VoIP phone system with features and functionality once only huge enterprises could afford. With technology options increasing and a rise in remote workers, now is the time for businesses to explore how a VoIP phone system can increase employee productivity and connect remote workers with those in the office or workers spread out over a huge geographic region.

Don’t let the technology of VoIP turn you off. Yes, the technology uses an Internet connection to route calls and servers in the cloud to provide features and functionality. While many years ago this might have been a risk, Internet speeds and stability in most areas can easily support voice calls.

Here are some of the advanced features that a VoIP phone system can provide Puyallup business owners:

  • Reduce your total cost of ownership
  • Offer enterprise-level functionality
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Eliminate costly on-site equipment
  • Scale according to your needs
  • Enhance collaboration

Contact our office and we can help build the perfect VoIP phone system for your business.

Small Business Phones & Service Features

Small Business Phones Puyallup WA

Small business phones can be one of those things that you don’t think about that often. Traditionally, phone systems have continued to work for many years and the dedicated line technology they run on has proven to be very reliable. However, as the technology matures, businesses risk missing out on benefits that could ultimately make it easier to serve customers, connect remote offices or employees, and do business with vendors.

One of the only pieces of hardware you’ll have to invest in is the phone itself. There are a few different varieties that have either a few features or several and can be strategically purchased for the position they are to serve. Some of the most popular features are:

  • Full-duplex speakerphone capability
  • Remote operation
  • Headset compatibility
  • Call screening
  • Auto-attendant
  • Easy installation

Our small business telecommunication experts are standing by ready to help you navigate the process of purchasing, installing, training, and using a new VoIP phone system.

Why Choose Us for Small Business Hosted VoIP Service?

Small Business Hosted VoIP Puyallup WA

We have been in the business of serving businesses of all sizes for many years. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and thus being able to effectively recommend products and services to help them achieve their goals. Puyallup business owners don’t have to worry about suffering from a one-size-fits-all model!

Small business hosted VoIP services can provide a strategic benefit to Puyallup area owners and in some cases can even provide a competitive advantage. Being able to effectively communicate with your customers and employees no matter where they are offers efficiencies that in the past only huge companies have been able to afford.

Some additional reasons that business owners choose us for their small business hosted VoIP service are:

  • Predictable costs – flat-rate fees
  • Portability – take VoIP wherever you go
  • Low start-up costs
  • Cost-effective solutions for small businesses
  • Services tailored to your business
  • And more!

Contact us today to find out more about our VoIP services for businesses.

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