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How a VoIP Phone System Helps Tacoma Businesses

VoIP phone systems route calls over the IP (internet protocol) networks instead of using your standard telephone lines. These IP networks are most often a business’s existing internet connections.

Businesses of all sizes in the Tacoma area that are looking to set up a unified communications system, including a VoIP phone system can look no further than our customizable service. Some of the many benefits of a VoIP phone system for Tacoma area business are:

  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Use your phone anywhere you have access to broadband
  • Better productivity
  • Improved business scalability
  • Features designed to make your employees more efficient
  • No need for expensive on-site equipment

While we have all come to expect our phone systems to be highly reliable, you can trust that migrating to a VoIP phone system won’t compromise service. In fact, VoIP phone systems have many features which make them more resilient than a traditional phone system.

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Small Business Phones & Service Features

Our small business phones include service features that you typically don’t find with traditional premise-based solutions. We’ve got handsets that are basic to complex, including cordless phones and conferences models plus some attendant consoles so that you can make sure that everyone has the equipment they need.

Our small business phone systems have the following features and benefits:

  • Streamlined features make it easy to use
  • Audio is clear and wideband quality
  • Speakerphones have full-duplex capability
  • Call screening
  • Automated attendant
  • Quick and easy transfer options
  • Installation is a breeze

Get in touch with us by phone at 253-785-9089 to speak to one of our small business phone consultants who will help understand what you need and to build the perfect system for you.

Why Choose Us for Small Business Hosted VoIP Service?

The total number of business VoIP users is expected to be nearly 350 million by 2020. We’ve been providing businesses in the Tacoma area VoIP service for many years and it’s all backed by our excellent support.

Here are some of the reasons that clients choose us for small business hosted VoIP services:

  • Compete with larger companies with enterprise level features
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Mobility to take the service with you wherever you go
  • Easily connect to the system remotely
  • Low initial and ongoing costs
  • Tailored service packages for your business
  • Flat-rate fees make costs predictable

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