Security Improvements

Did you know that cyber-crime cost businesses over $3 trillion in 2016? This may seem like a huge sum, however, the bad news is that experts expect this to double to $6 trillion in the next three years.

If you are a small-to-medium-size business you may be wondering what you can do to defend yourself and your business against such threats.

The good news is that there are experts here to help. Check out our list of 5 basic security improvements that all companies should make.

1. Educate Employees

Every person in the company has a role in defending company computers and it’s network. It is very important for the company to establish good practices and habits for employees.

Some of these may include a strong password policy, rigorous guidelines for internet usage, and more. An important part of this education is informing workers why these regulations are necessary. They need to understand the dangers of disobeying them.

Some locations employ an incentive policy for workers who work safely with employees. This also includes penalties for those who cross the line too many times.

Security begins with the user. It is imperative that they know why it is important.

2. Protect Your Networks

A network may be huge and encompass hundreds of users and machines. Or connect a small number of workers in an office. However, one basic step can protect networks of all sizes.

Keeping your software up-to-date is the most important security precaution. Anti-virus software, web browsers, and operating systems will come with periodic updates. Occasionally they will require urgent security patches.

Installing these as soon as they become available will protect you against known threats.

3. Install Firewall Security

Firewall security is the locked gate between the worldwide web and your business’s private network. It is a program, or programs, that prevent unauthorized access by intruders from outside to your private space.

In the case of a business, you may be responsible for terabytes of sensitive or personal information. Its theft could leave you without necessary production information or even open to litigation.

Ensure that your network and any workers are safely tucked behind a suitable firewall.

4. Create a Mobile Device Policy

Experts tell us that mobile threats representing one of the greatest threats to network security. This is because most companies employ a bring your own device policy. Users are mixing personal files and internet usage with business communications.

Companies may require that users password-protect their devices. Simple security applications such as anti-virus will provide basic protection.


5. Create a Backup Policy

One of the most dangerous threats a business can face today is a Ransomware attack. To avoid loss of data, companies should ensure they backup all production data.

There are many options available for cloud data storage from Cloud services providers Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. These services can often be scaled to meet your business growth.

Security Improvements and Much More

The IT world is becoming more complex, and in some respects, dangerous each day. This requires IT departments to constantly educate themselves and update their skills.

It need not be tedious for companies to apply security improvements that will protect their network and users. We leverage our years of working with business network security to provide solid guidance and security solutions to our customers.

To learn how you can provide the most solid of defense for your business please take time to read our blog or contact us.

IF you would like friendly hands-on assistance that prioritizes you, the customer, we are here to help.