A Closer Look at The Benefits of Technology in The Workplace

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There’s certainly nothing groundbreaking about saying that technology in workplaces is changing the way we do business. Both the risks and the benefits of technology in the workplace have been discussed at great length. Yet, many businesses still underutilize the technology solutions at their disposal.


“Technology usage needs to become part of your ROI assessments. If you see any gaps there, it could indicate that you need to dig a little deeper into what your tools can do.”Chuck Bender, CEO, Attentus Technologies


Many business owners simply aren’t aware that some of their tech tools are capable of the functionalities they miss. That’s one of the reasons why IT consulting can help just about anyone. Over-reliance on outdated technology is also a big reason why too many companies miss out on all the real advantages of technology in the workplace.

We don’t want you to miss out. That’s why we’ve put together this article explaining some of the hidden benefits that might be hiding in your technology. We’ll also explore why relying on the “old way” isn’t always the best solution.



Why Is It Important to Keep Up With Technology?

Embracing emerging technology is key to staying competitive for any business. You might worry that updating technology is costly or disruptive. However, digital transformation can offer long-term benefits that outweigh these initial concerns.

Businesses using the latest technology are better able to meet customer needs. Customers expect swift, tailored experiences, and modern technologies enable you to deliver just that. For example, advanced data analysis can help you understand customer preferences and better provide targeted products or services.

Beyond customer service and improved productivity, keeping up with technology is also simply a security measure. 75% of cyber attacks are enacted by exploiting vulnerabilities in technology solutions behind on updates. Even a simple software update can go a long way.


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Hidden Benefits of Workplace Technology You Might Be Missing

Communication and Collaboration Across Time Zones

Synchronized project management tools and real-time document editing can connect teams spread across the globe. That means that while one part of your team sleeps, another can continue the work. This gives you round-the-clock progress and faster project completion.


Customer Feedback

Leveraging technology to gather and analyze customer feedback can reveal surprising insights. Beyond basic satisfaction metrics, advanced analytics can uncover trends and preferences that can inform product development and marketing strategies. This leads to more targeted and effective business decisions that truly enhance the customer experience.

If you’re wondering about the right questions to ask beyond the generic ones, here’s a place to start.


Question Purpose
What specific feature do you use most often and why? To identify the most valued aspects of the product.
Can you describe a recent interaction with our customer service? To gather detailed feedback on customer service experiences.
Which feature needs improvement and how would you improve it? To collect specific suggestions for feature enhancements.
What part of our product’s interface is the most/least intuitive? To gain insights into the user interface’s effectiveness.
How was a recent problem or complaint you had handled? To assess effectiveness in problem resolution.
What factors would influence you to purchase our product again? To understand the key drivers of repeat purchases.
What aspect of our product would you most likely tell a friend about? To identify strong points likely to be shared through word-of-mouth.
How does our product’s value compare to its cost in your opinion? To evaluate customer perception of product value vs. cost.
What has been the highlight and lowlight of your experience with us? To obtain a holistic view of the customer journey.
What’s one thing we haven’t asked that you think we should know? To offer a space for any additional, unguided feedback.


Compliance & Risk Management

Automated compliance and risk management tools are a hidden gem in workplace technology. These systems can monitor and report on compliance issues in real-time, reducing the likelihood of costly legal or regulatory missteps.


Enhanced Networking & Relationship Building

Modern technology facilitates networking and relationship building in ways previously unimagined. Social media platforms, professional networking sites, and virtual event technologies allow your employees to connect and collaborate with industry peers and thought leaders.


Data-Driven Employee Wellness Programs

Often overlooked, modern technology can play a crucial role in employee wellness. By analyzing data from workplace surveys or productivity tools, businesses can tailor wellness programs to address specific employee needs.

This not only improves overall staff well-being but can also lead to increased productivity. 62% of employees report increased productivity after participating in tailored employee wellness programs.


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Environmental Impact

Implementing digital and cloud-based solutions reduces your business’s environmental footprint. These tools save space and help you significantly cut down on paper usage. This eco-friendly approach can enhance your company’s image among environmentally conscious consumers and employees.


Creative Problem Solving With AI

AI and machine learning are not just for tech giants. Even small businesses can harness these technologies for creative problem-solving. From optimizing logistics to personalized customer interactions, AI can provide innovative solutions to complex problems.


Increase Productivity By Letting The Experts Show You How

Whether you’re using cloud computing or on-prem, whether you follow a remote work policy or stay in the office, there’s always new discoveries to be made about your tech tools. It’s easy to fall into the trap of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, but “ain’t broke” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s at its best.

The Attentus Technologies team would be happy to take a look at your IT infrastructure and show you new ways you could use it. We want our clients to make the most of every dollar spent on their investments and optimizing usage is part of that picture.

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