5 Benefits of Cyber Security Training

With company infrastructures becoming increasingly digital, organizations are prioritizing cybersecurity to ensure the protection of their sensitive data and operational technology. As businesses undergo this digital transformation, the benefits of cyber security training are becoming more evident.

It has become more important than ever to ensure that employees and staff are properly trained in the art of cybersecurity to minimize the risk of a data breach.

According to statistics published in a recent data breach investigation report by Verizon, 85% of all data breaches occurred due to some level of human error.

Employees often suffer from fear fatigue — leading to a decrease in the compliance of company mandated regulatory protective behaviors, and failure of implementing cyber security protocols.

Cyber security training can reduce such errors and help ensure employees stay motivated.

If your organization maintains sensitive data, then cyber security awareness programs can significantly help you enhance your business security and protect this confidential information.

There are several benefits of security awareness training. Let’s look at the top five.

1. Enhance Awareness

According to a report published by Tessian, 43% of employees are very certain that they have made a security-related mistake at work.

Since all humans are prone to making errors, cyber security training is essential for enhancing awareness, and reducing the risk of employees making mistakes that compromise the security structure of your organization.

Cyber security training enhances the security awareness culture of your business and imparts the required knowledge and procedures so employees can recognize security threats, respond to them properly, and escalate them as necessary.

2. Reduce Threats that Exist and Heighten Security

When organizations decide to implement cyber security awareness training programs, their employees gain the tools and knowledge to heighten company security and reduce the threat of data breaches and cyber attacks occurring.

With the right training, employees gain mindfulness on cyber security best practices, and this can help reduce their fear fatigue, so they are more motivated to implement information security measures on a daily basis.

Through cyber security training, your employees learn how to avoid, mitigate and combat common hacking methods and social engineering attacks such as spear phishing, email scams, and similar techniques.

Cyber security training also educates employees on how to use social media aptly to reduce the risk of hackers gaining access to company information through such commonly used platforms.

3. Ensure Compliance

Like most other organizations, you probably have sensitive information on your hands that needs to be protected. If you have classified or personal client information, your organization must follow regulatory compliance to avoid legal complications.

Running into legal trouble can lead to financial losses and also result in a negative public image for your business. You can avoid running into issues with the law and facing the scrutiny of the public eye by ensuring all your employees are well educated on compliance policies and data protection best practices through cyber security training.

4. Increase Customer Trust

When a business suffers a significant data breach it’s common to make headlines, and naturally this has a negative impact on business performance and can lead to a loss of customers. To ensure that customers continue to trust your organization’s services, adding as many layers of security as possible is integral.

Security awareness training enhances your current data protection strategies since your employees are better equipped to execute security protocols and swiftly escalate matters when the need arises. A smooth data protection process is a good way to build trust with your customers and clients so they continue to trust your business.

5. Improve Your IT Infrastructure

As technology becomes more important in business operations, the importance of security awareness training cannot be emphasized.

By implementing a cyber security awareness program, organizations can ensure their employees are trained correctly so security breaches are minimized. Added layers of security iron out the flaws in your IT infrastructure, and can minimize costs in the long run.

Through security awareness training, you can help keep your business data secure and your critical business functions running smoothly.

Protect Your Data through Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber security training reduces the risk of human error and enhances staff awareness so proper precautions are taken to protect the company and its data.

When you opt to give your employees proper cyber awareness training, not only are threats reduced, but you can also rest assured that compliance standards are being met — which helps improve your customer experience and trust.

Educating your employees through cyber security training can significantly improve your overall IT security and infrastructure, and ensure you have a comprehensive data protection plan in place.

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