You’ll lose as much as $9,000 per minute during the course of unplanned network downtime. This issue, however, is preventable with the appropriate IT services supporting your business. But the natural question that follows concerns managed IT services pricing.

Put succinctly and bluntly, how much can you expect to pay for these IT services? We understand that the benefit can be immense, but if it doesn’t realistically fit your budget, then you, of course, won’t be able to leverage them to support your business. 

The good news, however, is that it’s rather affordable in Seattle to get IT services. That’s because there are a variety of managed IT services rates that are determined by: 

  • The scope of the work necessary
  • How large your business is
  • Which pricing model you opt for (more on this below)

In other words, your managed IT services pricing will be appropriately scaled to your business and its unique needs, making it generally affordable for all-sized businesses. 

But let’s dive deeper now into the nuances of managed IT pricing in Seattle. 

What Are Managed IT Pricing Models? And More Importantly, Which Is Best for My Business

One of the greatest strengths of almost all managed IT services pricing models is that they have a modular design. That translates into them being able to be customized to meet your business’s specific demands, so you never squander IT budget on needless services.

In order to achieve maximal ROI from your IT investment, redundancies and waste in your IT stack need to be identified and eliminated. The next stage involves developing a long-term IT roadmap that ensures that your IT is optimized to meet your challenges in the present, as well as ones that are likely to develop in the future. 

This proactive approach is one of the greatest benefits of managed services, and when coupled with the right pricing model, your business is in a strong technological position. 

Solve All Your IT Issues – Fast and Affordably

We simplify and streamline the management of all your IT assets, so you only ever experience the benefits – never the headaches


If you want to deploy a managed IT services ROI calculator, you’ll find that the highest yield occurs when you have synergistic IT services working in concert to better help you achieve long-term business objectives.

This includes:

  • Proactive monitoring 
  • Lifecycle planning
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Cloud implementation, management, and support
  • Network updating, upgrading, management, monitoring, and support
  • Data restoration and backup planning
  • vCIO services
  • IT procurement services

And more. 

A fully managed IT pricing model, in other words, is often your best choice. 

To understand why that is, however, we’ll explore the two general managed IT pricing models:  fixed price and break/fix.


hourly basis for your IT support
hourly basis for your IT support

Also known as pay-as-you-go, this service model accounts for remote support that can address your IT issues as they occur. 

Your business will often have to pay per IT issue for every support ticket submitted or on an hourly basis for your IT support

If your business only occasionally encounters the odd IT issue, then this setup is suitable. 

But if you have a growing business that requires support with more comprehensive IT consulting like digital transformations, server migrations, or implementing cybersecurity protection plans/solutions, you won’t be able to address many of these larger IT demands on a break/fix model. 


The other managed IT pricing option is fixed pricing – IT services charged on a monthly basis. 

But how much do managed IT services cost per month?

As mentioned previously, this depends on: 

  • Scope of the work required at your business
  • The size of your business

The managed IT services price list will detail the services your IT partner offers so that your billing will always be clear and transparent. . 

As you’d expect, your individual managed IT pricing will be most influenced by your business’s size; small businesses pay less, larger companies pay more. 

The benefit of a monthly payment plan, however, is that you can maintain full control over your costs, ensuring that your IT bill never gets out of control month to month. 

There is one final distinction, however, that we need to be aware of: pay-per-device vs. pay-per-user pricing. 


Per-device support will be charged based on each individual:

  • Desktop
  • Network printer
  • Managed network
  • Server

And so on. More complicated devices that are more troublesome to maintain are more expensive. Your average pricing for managed IT on a per-device model typically runs between $10-$150 per device per month. 

Per user is based on each individual user and typically covers their:

  • Personal computers (PCs)
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices

In addition to other devices. You can expect to pay between $100-$500 per user per month. 

Keeping Managed IT Costs in Seattle

Keeping Managed IT Costs in Seattle
A businessman attacking a target means running a business in order to achieve it.

We now have our pricing models; let’s take a look at which services you can acquire. 


A low-cost service package. Monitoring-only provides your business monitoring and break/fix services. This ensures your IT environment will be monitored and maintained. This includes your network and parts of your infrastructure. You may also potentially receive cybersecurity solutions and services, but this isn’t included in all monitoring packages. 

This works best for smaller businesses or businesses that already have a capable in-house team of IT technicians. 


You only pay for the services you need.

Maintain maximal flexibility with this service package. Can also be used as a staff augmentation solution for larger projects like recovering after a data breach or data migration.

This model is best used on short-term projects. For long-term services, you’ll end up paying more for each individual service than you would as a fully managed package. Moreover, adding on services every month is wasteful a) due to the opportunity cost of not having the service earlier and b) can cause your IT spend to fluctuate month to month. 


Complete relief of your IT management burden.

Your managed IT services calculator will generally show the highest yield from a fully managed plan due to your ability to leverage a number of high ROI services (like network protection, cybersecurity services, workflow optimization and automation, technology procurement, long-term planning, etc.) and have them work in concert with one another to fuel growth. 

A Managed IT Services ROI Calculator 

When you factor in that the average data breach costs a business nearly $10 million, and that downtime can cost thousands per minute, the right MSP at the right time is not only a high-value investment but can even potentially save your business. 

And you can see this article for an equation that helps you determine downtime cost risk, a handy managed IT services ROI calculator tool. 

Learn more about the IT services Attentus Technologies provides:
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In other words, hundreds of thousands of dollars are potentially vulnerable to IT disruptions, attacks, inefficiencies, etc. 

Couple the reduced costs (freedom from downtime, data breach, etc.) with the increased benefits (automation, improved workflows, seamless scalability), and the managed IT services ROI calculator should return a high-value return to almost any business. The differences, of course, being determined by the size of your business, scope of the work, types of devices, etc. 

Get Managed IT Services for a Price That Works for Your Business

Managed IT Services for a Price That Works for Your Business
Managed IT Services for a Price That Works for Your Business

If you want to ensure that you get the most out of your IT budget, then you need to work with a proven, reliable IT partner – you need Attentus Technologies. 

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On average, we spend about 20 minutes per month per user on reactive issues. 

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