Worrying About Your IT Should Not Be Keeping You Up At Night

Whether you are a large established business or a bustling start-up, your technology is central to the success of your business. As technology becomes more advanced, we are becoming more reliant on it. Your investment in your IT directly correlates to your business’ success.


Our clients often come to us expressing how much stress they feel, wondering if their IT is protected, unsure what contingencies they should have in place, knowing they could be doing better, but not sure in what ways. The truth is, managing a business’ IT is a burden, but it is one lessened by knowledge, expertise, and the appropriate tools.

Align your IT management tools with your business needs

Neglecting your IT is like neglecting to get your annual checkup. Though things might seem fine, every year you skip, you allow issues to build up until they are not as easily mitigated. The only way to relieve your stress and ensure your IT is reliable is to take a proactive approach and keep a consistent maintenance schedule with the help of your tools. Having an experienced team customize the tool set for your specific requirements ensures the rights things for your environment are getting the appropriate attentions to ensure your success.

To learn more about the benefits of taking a proactive IT approach, check out our post, Five Steps to Becoming Proactive With Your IT.

Leveraging tools to automate and monitor your systems helps your business achieve these three main objectives:

Safety and Security

One of your top priorities as a business leader should be securing your systems against cyberattacks. Just as technology becomes more sophisticated, so do cyberattacks. This past year we have seen history-making attacks that have devastated businesses. The only way to stay ahead of the myriad of attacks is to automate your system security monitoring and leverage strong security software.

Business Continuity

If things can go wrong, they eventually will. This is why we have business continuity plans. However, setting up disaster recovery plans and establishing regular backups is only step one. To ensure effectiveness, you need to consistently test and improve your disaster recovery plans and data backups. We leverage tools to automatically schedule and carry out data backups and create reminders for our (or your) IT team to test them.

Mobility & Optimization

With office walls becoming less defined, it is important that your IT systems can safely and efficiently support work from anywhere. Leveraging technology tools for remote support is imperative to keeping your systems and data well maintained and protected from anywhere. With remote access, your IT team can work to mitigate a security threat, provide technical support, install security measures, or complete device maintenance from anywhere in the world.


Keeping a constant tab on your system’s health

Even with a proactive approach, keeping up with your IT requires constant attention, and the most efficient way to do that is to leverage a strong technology stack of tools. At Attentus this is a role served by our dedicated Centralized services team. They set-up the monitoring systems, the backup and disaster recovery rhythms and write the custom programs to ensure your network is running at an optimum level 24×7.

Tools are great but you must know how to use them to unlock the highest level of value. With our help, you can benefit from these expensive tools without investing in purchasing them or training your staff to use or maintain them.

If you are ready to gain control over your IT systems, ensure they are reliable and get a better night’s sleep, you can book a call with us here.