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Get Out From Under Your To-Do List With Strategic IT Planning

As busy people, it can be hard to prioritize tasks that aren't immediate. Everyone has those things they have been meaning to do for months, but more emergent items keep taking precedence. All too often, we see that your IT strategic planning & maintenance is one of those items that live at the bottom of to‐ do lists.

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What Is Credential Management? | Attentus Tech

Properly assigned user credentials are crucial for ensuring the protection of secure information, and there’s no better way to ensure credentials are appropriately distributed than through the use of a credential management system (CMS)

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IT Budget Breakdown Episode 3: How to Budget for Your IT Support Costs

In this episode of our IT budget breakdown, we are focusing in on how to budget for your IT support costs and how to avoid getting caught in an expensive game of ticket tennis. Having a help desk type service is great but relying on help desk support instead of doing preventative IT maintenance is like choosing to prioritize a fire department over forest management. You put yourself in a situation where you need all hands on deck and emergent action to find a solution, instead of taking steps to avoid the problem all together.

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Make More Informed Decisions with IoT Devices

We are all ingraining ourselves into an Internet of Things (IoT) world that, for the most part, benefits everyone – improving efficiency and keeping us connected to the devices and people that are important to us.

With the advancement of technology, almost every aspect of our lives generates data and sends us information over the internet.

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Why Adopting A Security-First Mindset Should Be Your 2021 Resolution

All businesses worry about data security, and those that must meet compliance requirements even more so. It can be overwhelming to read through the articles and ads, warning that a single data breach could both financially cripple your business and ruin your reputationWith a significant rise in the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, now is a better time than ever to get secure. 

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Get A Return On Technology in 3 Simple Steps

As technology has advanced, the role IT can play in your business has significantly increased. Correctly utilizing technology solutions can enable you to rapidly grow your business. 

All effective organizations know that achieving a positive Return On Investment (ROI) is good for business, but what about Return OTechnology (ROT)?

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The Secret To Success: Using 100% Of The Tools You Invest In

We all know that the right tools can make a big difference. They can increase our efficiency, help us collaborate, and organize everything that’s going on. With the help of these tools, we’re better able to do our jobs.

One of the tools that help businesses get things done better in a virtual environment is Microsoft 365. In fact, more than 84% of small to medium sized businesses have an active M365 subscription.

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IT Budget Breakdown Episode 2: How to Budget For Your IT Infrastructure Costs

In this episode of our IT budget breakdown, we are focusing in on how and when you should budget for improvements to your IT infrastructure.

As a quick recap, in episode one, we discussed breaking your IT budget into four main categories: infrastructure, support, security, and strategy. You should be working to align your spending in each category with what is needed to achieve your business’ goals and keep your IT systems well maintained. You can read episode one here.

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